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Cybrary Online Training: Sophisticated IT Learning Made Easy

Training routes can be long and winding and sometimes lead to nowhere. At the very least conventional training routes in the field of information technology are time-consuming and demand your undivided attention. In our world of tomorrow, learning methods from yesterday will no longer work effectively. We need ways to qualify that don't make us sit down in a classroom on questionable furniture while listening to the monotone sing-song of a random lecturer reading from questionable material he curated when he was young. With the technological possibilities of our age learning can happen anytime and any place, even for the tough nut study paths. Cybrary has devoted itself not only to that new way of learning but the tough nuts also. Reason enough to see what they got to offer... Cybrary Online Training: Sophisticated IT Learning Made Easy Don't expect simple things. Cybrary has none of the basic "How to Code in PHP" type of courses. Instead, Cybrary takes care of the brain twisters and highly specialized topics. As this is unparalleled by now, we have decided to take a long hard look at the newcomer's portfolio.

Cybrary - E-learning at the Highest Stage

Cybrary-Free-Online-IT-and-Cyber-Security-Training Cybrary offers free Online Training for the more and most complicated topics of the IT sector. Cybrary is a newcomer and has just recently, on the 13th of January 2015, opened its doors. The founders Ralph P. Sita and Ryan J. Corey are no newcomers, however. They are both veterans with more than ten years of experience in IT and Cyber Security. There's no doubt they know what they are talking about. Cybrary's course portfolio focuses on three main pillars of the broad IT spectrum: These three main sections divide into various pieces of training supporting you on your way to sophisticated certifications. Here's a sample of what's to gain:

System Administration

  • CompTIA A+ – An introduction to computer hardware, software and security implementation, maintenance, and support. This is the class to begin with if you have no experience in IT at all.
  • CompTIA Linux+ – Take an in-depth look at administration in the open source operating system leader, Linux.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Web Content Management: SharePoint – Learn how to administer the leading organizational collaboration software on the market today, SharePoint.
  • Virtualization Management – Virtualization is driving Information Technology to new heights. Go deep into how to deploy, implement, manage and maintain the industry’s leading VM platforms.
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) – This class helps you to master Microsoft’s most current Server environment and helps you achieve one of the top certifications in Systems Administration.

Network Administration

Cyber Security (a Tiny Excerpt of What's in Store)

  • CompTIA Security+ – In this class you will gain a stable foundation of Cyber Security and Information Assurance as well as prepare for the security industry’s most sought after entry-level certification.
  • Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing – Learn the fundamentals of hacking and penetration testing. Think like a hacker, so that you can stop them from intruding into your systems. This class will help prepare you for the industries most sought after certification, EC-Council’s CEH.
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) – The leading certification for Information Assurance management personnel. This course is both very deep and very broad.
  • Python for Security Professionals – Learn the commands and functions that every aspiring cyber security professional must know from Python. This isn’t a full programming course, but rather a course designed for non-coders who are developing their career in security.
  • Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering – An introduction to reverse engineering malware. This class is for experienced Cyber Security professionals, at least two to three years in the field is preferred.
This is only an excerpt. Get the full overview at their Course Catalog.

Prepare for Certification in the Best Possible Way

The courses are demanding. Due to the topics covered you should be prepared to get confronted with some tough nuts. You will want to watch the videos over and over again which you can do as often as you like and whenever you like it. Compared to the official material for some of the most popular industry standard certifications Cybrary has a higher quality on offer. If you are into getting one or more of the supported certificates do yourself a favor and use Cybrary. To get this clear: all the courses are there to prepare you for certification - as soon as there is a certificate to gain; not all courses are made with certification in mind. The exams themselves are still offered by the respective institutes. And it is only that after successfully passing these exams you can actually claim to be a Certified This-and-That. Exams can be taken at any VUE or Prometric Testcenter worldwide. The following video wants to introduce you to learning with Cybrary:

Cybrary Inside - That's the Way it Works

There's no learning without registration. Registering an account is easy, yet can be only be done the conventional way, using email and choosing a password. A registration using OAuth is not provided. After registration you'll need to confirm your mail address from the mail they sent you. This will activate your account. Being logged in you are redirected to your members page. Here you are provided with an easy way to all your chosen courses and also have the newest info and announcements in place. Cybrary-User-eingeloggt Care for filling in your profile completely as this will bring you bonus points that you can later use for different things, one being the purchase of a certificate at the end of a course which would otherwise be fee-based.

Booking Courses Made Simple

Scrolling down the page leads you to the links of the individual courses. I decided to go for "Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking". This page has an introductory video that I absolutely want you to watch: To the right side of each course's page you find the list of additional study material. These lists are elaborate and not only contain PDFs, links to websites or Cybrary's own material but also technical literature from academic libraries. As far as I was able to judge these lists really cover the topics as a whole. The course I chose to take consists of 19 modules with one to ten videos each and a total playing time of 13 hours and 26 minutes. Einen Kurs bei Cybrary belegen videos-in-einzelnen-modulen Using the CEH Study Guide you prepare yourself for the exam based on real-life questions. I am speaking from experience when I tell you that this feature is enormously helpful. vorbereitung-auf-den-Test The individual HD videos are high-grade and professionally made. Has a video done its job, simply mark it as done and it will disappear from view. That way you can see your progress and focus on the weaker spots. CrypTool-Lab-Cybrary

Cybrary's Extended Support Concepts

Learning with Cybrary is not only reading and watching. There are more options to get going. Cybrary offers forums, a wiki, groups and official mail support. Users are encouraged to support one another, and the platform offers the perfect foundation for that. Cybrary-Foren Cybrary-Wiki

Android User Rejoice: The Cybrary App is Already Under Development

Android users have reason to jump for joy. An app is in the making. This app is said to give you access to all the learning material available. That's good news as this way your commute is no longer wasted time but a valuable addition to your learning schedule.

Who is Cybrary's Perfect Audience?

Generally Cybrary is for everyone. No matter whether you want to refresh withered skills or prepare yourself for one of the hard nut industry standard certificates. Cybrary is the place to go. You'll be having a hard time finding a comparable offer elsewhere on the web. I don't know of anything that even begins to compare with Cybrary. The only precondition you should meet is being able to understand advanced English. If your English skills are more on a beginner's level, you will not be able to follow the courses in a way that you could even hope for benefitting from them. All the available material is in English language. This might probably change in the future, but no plans in this regard are known of.


Comprehensive and thorough trainings comprising the most important topics in system and network administration as well as Cyber Security in the form of a completely free offering - this is unparalleled and exemplary. As soon as you're able to work with English language material, this is the place to go should you want to gather or refresh technical knowledge. Cybrary not only relies on reading and video material to level up your skills but also offers additional support files plus forums and a wiki to optimally support your learning success. Cybrary deserves a pure, undiminished recommendation which we happily deliver. If you run a mid- to large-scale business and want to curate your own online training, Cybrary offers you to take advantage of their platform. The same is true if you want to run your own educational services. Learn more about their offerings in this regard by visiting the section Business and EDU Services on their website. If you are a nonprofit in the education industry, you might be eligible to use their platform for free. Get in touch with them to find out. Prices are staggered according to the number of students, employees, people you want to reach simultaneously. If you got more than a handful of employees, you should consider having your staff attend the training called End User Security Awareness. As we all know the biggest threat to your company's IT security sits in front of the computer screen.

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