Dieter Petereit September 25th, 2014

Deal of the Week: Convert Photos to Painted Art With These Impressive Photoshop Actions

Flat design is all the rage these days. But imagine a flat design website equipped with full-fledged real-life photos. This might or might not look too good. Have you ever thought of taking the complexity out of the imagery as well? How about converting photos into more of cartoon-style drawings, bringing them closer to the flat style of your over-all site design? With the amazing Photoshop actions our Deal of the Week is offering you, you can do that all and with ease! Our Deal of the Week is powered by Mighty Deals and brings you 4 incredible Photoshop actions from OzonoStudio. These are bound to  turn your average images into artistic masterpieces! And for a limited time, you can get the entire bundle for a mere $12!

Photoshop Actions Highlights:

  • 4 Actions in 1 Deal With this Mighty Deal, you'll get 4 fantastic Photoshop actions to spice up your photos. The bundle includes: Watercolor Professional Painter, Paint Pro, Painter Pro 2, and Cartoonize.
  • Effects for Effect Lovers With these Photoshop paint-style actions, you can add all sorts of amazing and breathtaking effects to your images. Turn your favorite photos into watercolors, paints or even cartoon drawings or trendy low poly with ease.
  • Simple to Use The best part about all these amazing effects? They're a snap to use. Apply any of these wonderful actions with just a single click of the mouse.
  • Detailed Support There's no need to worry about not understanding how to use any of these actions either. That's because they all come with access to a robust knowledge base full of detailed information on how to best use each one.
Note: These actions do not currently work with Photoshop CC 2014, however they do work in Photoshop CC (which you can install through Adobe Creative Cloud if you have CC 2014). These actions do not work in the German version of Photoshop. Let's take a closer look at what's included in this collection:

Watercolor Professional Painter

Easily convert any portrait into a single watercolor image. This incredible action works with simple and complex photographs, as well as low or high-res images. The final results are colorful and vibrant portraits. And as you use the actions inside the actions, you can even add your own gradient colors.

Paint Pro V1

Paint Pro will let you look like a virtuoso in the art with brushes department! Look at these pictures, don't they look just great? This really cool action will give your photos a fantastic painting feel. With 2 different actions to choose from, you can go for a detailed painting or large lines, which is ideal for many things, but also pets ;-)

Paint Pro V2

This one comes with a low poly effect as well as these filters Impressionist, Watercolor (big pics), Watercolor (small pics) and Simple Art.


Who hasn't wanted to see themself drawn up in a cartoony style? Now you can do it with just a single click. Cartoonize any photo you have from small pictures to large high-res ones.

I want it. Tell me the price!

This truly amazing collection of Photoshop actions normally sells for an already low $24, but for a limited time only, you can get all 4 actions for just $12! That's a 50% savings off the regular price! The short arms, long pockets guys among us will rejoice, but then, who has money to waste? I'll take that opportunity with gratitude... Click here and we'll get you over to Mighty Deals, where you'll want to click their prominent BUY button! Make sure to check their deal terms to learn about the fine print... This article is sponsored by Mighty Deals and as such an advertisement. Noupe does not participate from sales on an affiliate basis, though. Our new ads format "Deal of the Week" is run once a week at max. So if you want to book a deal for your product, get in touch with the friendly staff over at Commindo Media.

Dieter Petereit

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    1. Well, … Even in our own article we tell you explicitly that this does NOT work in CC 2014. MD tells you on their own pages too. What more are you expecting? There is no support because there is no way to use these in CC 2014. No support possible. BUT, if you are really a subscriber of CC, noone hinders you to download the CC version before 2014 in which it all works just fine.

  1. Thanks. I have just pruchased. But when I try Paint Pro action a pop up says “Oil paint plugin is not currently avalaible” so I can’t see a good final result on screen. How or where may I get that filter??

  2. Great Mighty deal thx. Just to note I always used Photoshop but have now switched to Paint Pro as it does it all and is damn good value for money. There’s the typical Corel free trial too.

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