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Deal of the Week: Spice up Your Photos Using ALCE for Photoshop

How'd you like to convert your photos into crisp, unique 3D versions of themselves with just a few simple clicks? It's certainly possible, thanks to the amazing Photoshop Extension ALCE. Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer sports an easy interface that lets you adjust the radius of your image without hurting the image quality in crucial areas such as shadows and highlights. Loaded with case studies and tutorials, you won't be at a loss at all for learning how to quickly master this amazing tool.


And it is exactly this top-notch Photoshop extension that can be snatched in our Deal of the Week. Sure, you could achieve all the effects with Photoshop alone but with ALCE you'll have an optimization expert at your side, performing the necessary steps for you. And even as an expert you'd probably not be as fast to perform as ALCE does.


  • This incredible Photoshop Extension easily adds a crisp, unique 3D style to your images.
  • Using a simplistic interface, there's no need to work with multiple options on your photo as you tweak just one simple parameter: the Radius.
  • Thanks to ALCE's algorithm, you'll get contrast boosting, while still protecting your image quality from clipping important tonal range areas like Shadows and Highlights.
  • Make life even easier by recording ALCE in Actions as a Filter (Or use the provided ALCE Automation Service batch dialogue) so you can customize various saving options.
  • Get the most out of ALCE with an Interactive User Manual that offers a variety of techniques.
  • Learn how to apply ALCE to Equirectangular images and use them for 360 VR, courtesy of a handy tutorial!
  • Perfect for beginners and advanced users, ALCE can completely transform your photographs.
  • Dive into roughly 2 hours of case studies from a professional Photoshop retoucher that offer Local Contrast Theory and how to apply it effectively.
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows environments, ALCE supports Photoshop CS6, CC, CC2014 and CC2015.

This is What to Expect:

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Normally, this great Photoshop extension sells for $34.95, but for a limited time only, you can put its fabulous effects to work for you for only $17! That's a saving of more than 50% off the regular price. One important thing to note that the extension will only work from CS6 upwards on both platforms (Mac and Win). 

So should your imagery now scream „Get That” at you, just click here and we'll take you over to Mighty Deals, where you'll want to check the fine print, then click the prominent BUY button.

This article is sponsored by Mighty Deals and as such an advertisement. Noupe does not participate from sales on an affiliate basis, however. Our new ads format "Deal of the Week" is run once a week at max. So if you want to book a deal for your product, get in touch with the friendly staff over at Commindo Media.

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