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Moving Prescription to the Digital: e-Prescribe

For quite a long time prescriptions information has been shared electronically, via e-mail, text messages, or fax, although the legal script has remained the piece of paper, signed by a healthcare provider.

Following the global tendency of workflow automation and digitalization prescription routine changes as well so that the legal document converts into the prescription data which is stored on secure online servers and can be accessed at any time from any device. All the user needs is credentials and permission from the patient who is the one to assign and manage roles on the account. The signed piece of paper is no longer needed, as of now, the new electronic type of prescription is optional and patients may also select to get a paper prescription copy if they want.

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in demand for more advanced EHR services, resulting in many new, highly innovative healthcare IT (HIT) businesses. HIT organizations offering these solutions are under immense pressure both to satisfy the unique needs of their clients and to provide the key features that consumers demand from any electronic health record (EHR) – all while tightly monitoring costs.


  • Hundreds of participants in the data exchange and integration business Provide the prescribers with the full set of data functions
  • Have your way Integrate with Web API (SSO) to reduce maintenance and upgrade Choose full integration for maximum control with your own BUI
  • Known Leader Innovation of electronic pharmacy for two decades, Automated updates helps you satisfy with confidence continuously changing regulatory requirements.
  • Training 200,000 ePrescribe users connect Wide variety of easy to use apps A $2b total R&D from 2003 sponsored by a top 10 HIT group. Self-Developed e-prescribing vs “Plug-and-Play” with Veradigm ePrescribe

SELF-DEVELOPED ePrescribe is Expensive, time-consuming, has a high learning curve and is not focused on your core capability, besides it requires constant updating for new mandates vs VERADIGM ePrescribe being straightforward and cost-effective, it keeps your focus where it needs to be, experience that pre-dates EMRs plus Automatic updates keep you ahead of regulatory changes.

A Moving Target

E-Prescribing is an option for a healthcare provider that gives him the capability to electronically transmit an actual original prescription straight to a pharmacy. The automation of this process provides a lot of benefits such as the document becomes error-free, while the handwriting copy could contain manual mistakes. Also, the copy of the prescription is easier to understand and reaches the pharmacy immediately, which totally improves the quality of patient care, so a patient will be aware of the current drug availability at the chosen location and the prescription will be ready for a pick up by the time the person gets to the pharmacy.

Electronic pharmacy regulatory requirements are increasingly tighter and higher. To handle updates efficiently through a professional HIT service. The environment that is changing — especially because of the risk of wrongness — is a virtual nightmare. Health care providers expect more than just paperless prescriptions from today's prescription options. With its diverse collection of advanced features, Veradigm ePrescribe helps you fulfill this goal.

Veradigm ePrescribe Features:

VERADIGM gives users access to a discounted health plan or a pharmacy benefit manager, cash pricing, therapeutic alternatives, and competitive prices in different pharmacies, providing prescription price transparency at the health care point. All information is patient-specific and available through the workflow of e-prescription. Hundreds of thousands of vendors will use it for hundreds of millions of transactions for market transparency.

HCP interviewees indicated that patients save 93 percent of the time for estimating price and/or treatment-based alternative details on their prescription. The opportunity to include insurance and pricing data has a positive effect on 85 percent of HCP respondents on patient satisfaction with their practice.


The authorization of workflow is specifically concerned with the automated delivery of program information. It enables users to identify financial aid programs available within the ordinary workflows for particular patients, provide quick and easy access and print available prescription coupons, and also helps to decrease the costs, compliance and adherence of patients out of pocket

VERADIGM Electronic Prior Authorization (EPA) allows your users to automate the submission of authorization approval within your e-prescribing workflow, reduces wait time for additional insurance approvals on medications—from days or weeks to minutes and provides the ability to Spend less time on the phone with insurance companies and pharmacies.


Please take Proactive Steps to Assist in Addressing Opioid Addiction through EPCS and PDMP * Integration (Prescription Drug Monitoring Programme). It allows you to directly and remotely pass patient prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy. Enhances patient safety by reducing unsafe dosages, doctor shopping, and potential abuse and improving patient satisfaction with an efficient process of form enforcement and ensuring compliance with the regulation of state PDMP programs.

VERADIGM ePrescribe MOBILE provides the option to the user to access e-prescribing from anywhere with internet connection, deliver a single workflow across desktop and mobile devices for your users, providing the ability to move through patient files effectively and in a timely manner. Besides, it gives Efficient real-time access through one-touch user authentication.

How to get started

By visiting our registration website, you can register for ePrescribe. The number, NPI number, state number, and expiration dates are required for your DEA license number. To verify the identity and license information, you are required to answer several questions. Once the registration process has been completed, you will be sent an email to review your DEA, your last four social security measures and answer your secret question. Then you will be asked to enter a username and password in your practice spot. You can now sign up for ePrescribe and add other clinical staff or suppliers on your account. You may instantly start prescribing.

E-prescribing has proved its significant role in the process of decreasing prescription errors and helping enhance patients’ information safety and data accessibility. The United States government views electronic medical records as one of the key factors for successful creation of a national health information system.

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