Swetlana Senkevitch January 12th, 2013

Another Random Serving of Icon Sets…

These icon sets have to come undone now. I tend to collect smaller symbol sets until I have a fairly large amount at hand, before I take to writing an article around them. But this collection refuses to grow larger for one reason or another. So anyway, let me rid myself of them today. You know, freshness wears out over time. The following article serves you business icons, portfolio icons and more. I'm sure, there is something for you, too.

Flags - some examples


If language selectors are something you have to deal with, the icon set Flags will come in handy. Flags consists of - well - flag icons for 283 nations and smaller units in the sizes 16×16, 24×4, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64 and 128×128 px. The symbols come in a zipped archive containing PNG files. They are free to use for commercial projects also, as long as you provide a backlink to the source.

Flags - more icons for nations, countries, islands whatever

Business Icons

This set delivers icons themed around business and finance. You are allowed to use the symbols commercially. The set is relatively small with only 26 icons sized 256×256 px and in PNG format.

Business Icons: Examples

Portfolio Icons

This is something to beautify your portfolio site: The set, created by the well-known illustrators at IconShock, looks great and can be used for private as well as commercial purposes. It contains five PNG symbols in 512 px and 256 px squared. It is not exactly fresh but still useful in its field.

Portfolio Icons

Office Space Icons

Literally everything you associate with an office is included as a symbol in this set: co-workers, coffee machines, computers, armchairs and more are at your disposal. As long as you keep a backlink to the creator's website, you can use the icons freely in private and commercial projects alike. Symbols are sized in squares of 16, 24, 32, 48 and 256 px. They are packaged into a zip archive with PNG and ICO formats.

Office Space Icons

Russian Icons

Are you from Russia or do you simply like the typical items and looks of the biggest nation of the world? The Russia Icon Set contains very colorful illustrations of all the things that everyone associates with this nation. The symbols are sized in squares of 16, 24, 32, 48, 128 and 256 px. Use them free of charge for private and commercial projects, but remember to keep a link back to their original website at Visualpharm.

Russia Icon Set (dpe)

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  1. Thank you! I really enjoyed seeing these. I’m sure there’s a great business application for each one of them . . . somewhere. In any event, great fun.

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