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Grab Your Next Top Job with One of These 279 Professional Resume Templates

Jobs are no longer a safe haven. While we all know these stories of 50 years with the same company our grandparents love to tell, these days time spans shorten drastically. Already today the average employee stays three to five years with the same company, with a tendency to further decline. Besides that millions of people cannot get along with one job alone. In some countries, it is already common to run on up to four jobs to make a living. Any way you put it, applying for jobs is becoming a more and more frequent task. As with all periodic tasks, it’s a good thing to get some routine into it. Not only to make the process faster but also more professional. The least thing you want to send is an unprofessional job application that makes a perfect landing in the secretary’s dustbin. Hloom has come to your rescue with their offering of 279 professional resume templates.


Hloom: Free Templates for Just About Every Need

Hloom is not specialized in resume templates alone. Instead, they drive a full-fledged templates service covering all kinds of things. There are potty training charts even. Yes, you heard that right. As a potty training chart will surely not land you that next dream job I will not put any more focus on it. Instead, we will take a closer look at Hloom’s professional resume templates all made and stored in the standard file format of Microsoft Word.

Excerpt from the Comprehensive Information Website Around the Resume Templates

Hloom is not only giving away templates but also delivers a great deal of information covering everything you should consider when it comes down to job applications. The theoretical background allows you to even create your very own template should you not be able to find you in the hundreds of templates already prepared.

Resume Templates are Helpers, not Key-ready Solutions

A word on using templates for job applications, in general, shouldn’t be missed. Never, literally never take a template as is and simply fill in your data. Always, literally always take a template as a source of inspiration and a skeleton to grow your own flesh upon. Resume templates make sure you don’t miss vital information, and they give you a sense of structure. Resume templates help you stick to the unwritten rules of professional application processes. As such they are essential helpers and shouldn’t be ignored. But please, don’t misunderstand them as a key-ready form to send as is.

Most Downloaded Templates of the Basic Category

Resume templates are much sought after. This is understandable as people still have to get used to the new work lives with continuous needs of application. And there is no shortage on the web to satisfy these needs. Still most of the so-called helpers you can find will not be that helpful either. There’s loads of chaff and very little wheat. Now that you found Hloom, stop excessive googling and work with what is supplied here. Hloom’s templates may not feel like the trendy invention of a next-gen resume innovation, and they are not. But they work and comply with what’s expected in carpet land. So make no experiments. They tend to come at high expenses.

Professional Resume Templates Nicely Categorized for Every Use-case

Hloom does not throw a list of 279 resume templates at you. Instead, they categorized each one of them into one of the eight categories to allow easier access according to your needs. Even templates compliant with Applicant Tracking Systems are available. Companies react to not keeping employees lifelong with perfecting their ways of choosing the right ones. At least that’s what they will tell you. In fact, an ATS is not a human interviewer and certainly unable to find soft skills among the hard facts like which school you finished and where you have been working lately. I personally don’t pursue job chances in companies from which I know that they work with an ATS. Not unless I manage to invent an Automatic Company Chooser System (ACCS), that is.

Most Downloaded Templates of the Portfolio Category

Whether you are looking for a basic, ATS-optimized, clean, modern or creative resume template or one in newsletter or tabular style or containing a portfolio already, Hloom has you covered. Every template is shown with a large enough thumbnail to judge whether it’s worth a closer look or not. To make choices even easier, Hloom puts the most downloaded templates of each category on top of the list.

Hloom: Downloads Without any Hassle

If any template appeals to you, click on it, and you’ll be brought to the detail view of the given template. Here you will want to look for the download information. The page will look something like this:


I have pointed the arrow to the download link. Clicking the small word “Free” will immediately start your download, and a Word document will land on your local drive. Open it, enable editing and go ahead. You will notice several things. First, there are no usable texts; all is Lorem Ipsum. This is intentionally so. This way you are forced to stick your own thoughts into filling out the resume instead of being able to lavishly overlook the one info that identifies you as a template user. The Second thing is, there is a large copyright notice box under each document. Make sure to delete these before you actually send the resume to your next boss. These notices are there for distribution as a template only.

Liberal License Takes Risk out of the Equation

Speaking of what and what not to do, Hloom’s license is quite liberal. You are certainly allowed to use the templates for what they are intended to be used for. Apply for a job or help your spouse, kids, best friends in doing so. If you want to derive work from the templates and redistribute them you will have to attribute Hloom however. They have put together a comprehensive licensing guide helping you not make any errors in this process. Make sure to take a look at it should you plan to build up your own distribution line of resume templates.

If you just want to land that next dream job, don’t care for licenses. Simply fill in the resume template of your choice, add some pizzazz and you’re good to go. Once you sent it, things are out of your control. Fingers crossed…

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