Prakash Ghodke October 29th, 2010

Ultimate Collection of Photoshop Brushes, Actions and Styles

Every designer aims for high quality resources to use for their work. Usually, this takes a lot of time to search for and collecting the best ones isn’t always easy. In today’s post we’ve prepared a roundup of a showcase of over fifty different Photoshop brushes as well as a couple of actions and styles. We hope that this ultimate collection inspires you to be more creative and — don’t forget to share your favourites! We’re always happy to read your comments and suggestions!

Photoshop Brushes

Fake Glitter


Arcade Brushes

25 Ink Brushes

Cloud Brushes

15 Wicked Wings

Sponge Brushes: 10 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

10 High Resolution Grunge Brushes for Photoshop

Free Hi-Res Clouds Photoshop Brush Set 1

Free Hi-Res Splatter Photoshop Brush Set

15 High-Res Dirty Grid Photoshop Brushes

Spray Paint Pack (Hi-Res Textures & Brushes)

Retro Abstract Circles: Photoshop Brush Pack

WG Watercolor Brushes Vol1

5 High Resolution Abstract Brushes

Human Skin Brushes


Paint Lines brushes

Spray Paint: 50 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

Sprays: 10 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes: Acrylic Textures

Fluffy Clouds: 25 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

15 High-Res Grungy Texturing Photoshop Brushes

20 Free Tape Photoshop Brushes

Paint Blobs: Photoshop Brush Pack

Wet Paint Acrylic Photoshop Brushes

Leech Shapes: Photoshop Brush Pack

16 Hi-Res Splatter Brushes

Hi-Res Spray-Paint Photoshop Brushes

Vatio Brushes

Torn Paper: 10 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes With a Flat Edge

22 High-Res Leaf & Twig Photoshop Brushes

More Stunning Smoke: 30 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

40 Free High-Res Acrylic Paint Photoshop Brushes

42 More Subtle Grunge Textured Photoshop Brushes

Particle Smoke Photoshop Brushes

Danger Close Brushes

More Lens Flares: 25 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

Ink Drips: 35 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

Paint Trails brushes

Blood Marks Brushes

15 High Resolution Moldy Paper Photoshop Brushes

Coffee Rings: Photoshop Brush Pack

Streaks of Light: 40 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

Scratches: 25 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

Abstract Brush Pack Vol. 10

Coffee Stains: 25 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

Revnart Smoke

Tape: 57 Fantastic Photoshop Brushes

Watercolor Brush Pack #1

Creative Doodles Photoshop Brushes


Nature Brushes

Mystical Light Effects: 20 Stunning High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

Acrylic Brush Strokes: 57 High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop Actions

Magical effect 4.2


Action 008

Photoshop Actions – 48

Sun Photoshop Curve

Blue Action

Actions: “Retro-Vintage”

sa-cool Action 2.08 colors

photoshop actions

Photoshop Actions

Action 30

Dazzle Effects 4

Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions

50 Photoshop Postwork Actions

Photoshop Actions

Color Enhancing Actions

Wedding Theme Action

Photoshop Action Set o1

Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Styles

Glass Layer Styles+PSD+Icons

15+5 Web 2.0 Style Set 1

16+4 Web 2.0 StyleSet 2

220 Amazing Free Photoshop Layer Styles

Reptile Skin Photoshop Styles

Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles

Clear Jelly Text Effect & Layer Styles

Vol.2 Styles



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