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Deal of the Week: 90+ Professional Fonts from 18 Unique Font Families Discounted 98 Percent

Have you ever dreamt of buying a professionally crafted font for 30 cent, then woke up laughing? What one can dream... Today, with our most recent Deal of the Week, that dream can come true. Mighty Deals has exactly that on offer. More than 90 fonts from 18 different font families are up for grabs at two percent of their original price. Secure yourself a large set of professionally crafted Sans and Art fonts with all the benefits of the OTF format. Web fonts are available, too.

Deal of the Week: the Highlights

  • Huge Diversity in Style
    With 18 different families variations are almost endless. These are not just slight modifications of a basic font type, but entirely different from the ground up.
  • Personal or Business Use
    Your purchase gets you a royalty-free license, which allows you to use these fonts for any of your personal and commercial projects alike.
  • Multiple Uses
    These versatile fonts can be used just about anywhere. Create images on any surface including computer monitors, photographs, T-shirts, mugs, Websites, paper, posters, movie credits and just about anything else you can think of.
  • Mac and PC Compatible
    These desktop fonts are delivered in .OTF file format and work on both Windows and Mac computers. 
  • Contextual Alternates
    The desktop versions of these OpenType fonts offer contextual alternates, adding to their already diverse nature.

These Fonts are About to Become Yours:

  • Gabriel Sans Family (Thin, Thin Italic, Light, Light Italic, Normal, Normal Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black, Black Italic, Condensed Thin, Condensed Thin Italic, Condensed Light, Condensed Light Italic, Condensed Normal, Condensed Normal Italic, Condensed Medium, Condensed Medium Italic, Condensed Bold, Condensed Bold Italic, Condensed Black, and Condensed Black Italic)
  • Zag Family (Thin, Light, Normal, Regular, Bold, Deco Thin, and Drops Thin)
  • Reader Family (Light and Bold)
  • Braxton (Light, Book, Normal, Bold, and Black)
  • Colo Pro (Black Inline and Black)
  • Aston Family (Light, Light Italic, Book, Book Italic, Normal, and Normal Italic)
  • Dan Pro (Regular and Outline)
  • Avatar
  • Sudoku (Light. Medium, Original, Deco and Black)
  • Clou (Light and Black)
  • Oval (Thin, Light, Book, Regular, Medium, Bold, Heavy, Single Light, Single, Double, Double Deco, and Black)
  • Solomon Family (Thin, Thin Deco, Light, Light Deco, Book, Book Deco, Normal, Normal Deco, Bold, Bold Deco, Black, and Black Deco)
  • Kare (Original, Light, Shadow, and Gradient)
  • Prisma (Line and Black)
  • Dox (Original and Line)
  • Blou
  • Dovde (Thin and Black)
  • Rolka (Light and Ultra)

Solomon 03

ColoPro 02

ColoPro 03

Dan 01

Dan 02

Dan 03

Radical Prices are Radical

The desktop bundle of these Fontfabric Fonts normally sells for 1,298 dollars. Our Deal of the Week allows you to catch the same set for a mere 2 percent of that original price. Instead of 1,298 dollars prepare to buy these 18 unique font families with 93 fonts altogether for 29 dollars. Yes, 29 dollars.

If you need the web fonts also, buy the desktop versions and the web versions combined for a total of 43 dollars.Thinking about it would be too expensive, so:

Click here and we'll take you over to Mighty Deals, where you'll want to check the fine print, then click the prominent BUY button and wait for a whole lotta typography to fill up your disk space.

This article is sponsored by Mighty Deals and as such an advertisement. Noupe does not participate from sales on an affiliate basis, though. Our new ads format "Deal of the Week" is run once a week at max. So if you want to book a deal for your product, get in touch with the friendly staff over at Commindo Media.

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