Noupe Editorial Team September 5th, 2011

Free Fonts : A Walk on the Grunge Side

With so many free fonts available on the web today, it is easy to miss out on some true gems in the typographic arena. It is hard to stay on top of the latest developments and releases when there are so many outlets to turn to find your fonts. Today we aim to help you out with this charge, by showcasing some grunge laden free fonts, most of which are less than a year old. Looking around for fonts, it became fairly clear, that most designers (be they makers of fonts or featurers of fonts) tend towards clean, sharp typography. We wanted to take things in a different direction. So we went for a little walk on the grunge side as we searched for free fonts to feature for our readers. We hope you enjoy!

The Fonts

Silent Hunter III Download Special Elite Download (@font-face compatible) AA Typewriter Download|Donate to Creator Rock Salt Download (@font-face compatible) Sears Tower Download|Donate to Creator Protest Paint Download Win TrueType|Download Mac TrueType|Download Mac PostScript Orwell Download Geekriot v1.0 Download Olivetti Type 2 Download Bad Cargo Download When it Rains Download (free for personal use only/ commercial license $5)|Donate to Creator Wicked Grit Download|Donate to Creator Remnant v1.0 Download for Mac|Download for Win Fueled by Schlitz Download|Donate to Creator Leander Download (@font-face compatible) The Missus Hand Oblique Download Permanent Marker Download (@font-face compatible) Catenary Stamp Download|Donate to Creator DCC Sharp Distress Black Download Static Buzz Download|Donate to Creator Smash Punkers Download Secret Stick Download Coloroyd Bastard Download Amalasuntha Download Carbon Blade Download|Donate to Creator Extrakrebel 1987 Download Ed Gein Download (rb)

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  1. Thank you for the awesome list of fonts! I really like Smash Punkers quitet a lot. I must use it!

    Another great resource for free fonts as well as premium/exclusive fonts is – It is a paid subscription forum, but it is totally well worth it if you love great typography. I noticed most of your list was from dafonts so I encourage you and others to give Pilo a go, it is a true typography lovers mecca!

    Well, thank you again for the font resources! I look forward to trying some of these out!


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