Nataly Birch February 28th, 2014

Total Recall #3: The Ultimate Collection of the Best Free Icon Sets of 2013

Welcome to the third and last part of our mini-series "Total Recall 2013". After having provided you with over 250 design resources from the fields of HTML/CSS themes, PSD website templates and professional GUI sets, we are back with a massive collection of the best icon sets last year had to offer. Almost 100 sets are here for you to explore. Icons have been popular at all times, yet have been gaining even more popularity with the rise of mobile devices. The tinier the screen gets, the more designers need to rely on comprehensible pictograms for navigation and other purposes. While everyone uses them, it is crucial to gather a wide variety in one's own toolbox to avoid looking like the next web service one click away.

So, here they are – icons packs. Our collection is divided into 3 sections. The first one includes solid icons and fantastic flat graphics. The second one comprises trendy iOS7-inspired line-style icons that embrace various types of icons starting from basic glyphs and ending up with weather forecast icons. And last but not least, the third section covers a list of various social media icons. For those who have missed our previous roundups of the best free GUI sets and the best HTML/CSS and PSD website layout templates we recommend to visit parts one and two in our series "Total Recall 2013":

Section #1: Solid Icons


Glyphs Creator: Bulb9 Features: Smooth icons.

icons by Deividas Graužinis

Icons-by-Deividas-Graužinis Creator: Deividas Graužinis Features: Colorful icons.

ios7 icons

iOS7-icons Creator: Dtafalonso Features: 3 massive sets.

70 free Icons

70-Free-Icons Creator: Robin Kylander Features: Assorted icons.

 smallicons Icon Set

Smallicons-Icon-Set Creator: Smashingmagazine Features: 54 icons.

icons psd

icons-psd Creator: Wallace Features: Huge icons kit with various sizes.

48 flat designer icons

48-flat-designer-icons Creator: Webdesignerdepot Features: 48 icons, flat style.

long shadow mobile icons set

Long-Shadow-Mobile-Icons-Set Creator: Onextrapixel Features: Flat style.

flat icons

Flat-Icons Creator:  Boyan Kostov Features:  16 flat icons.

vector glyph icons

vector-glyph-icons Creator:  Webdesignerdepot Features: 120 icons.

mfg labs iconset

MFG-Labs-Iconset Creator:  Mfglabs Features:  Glyphs.

 colorful icons

Colorful-icons Creator: Pele Saeng-a-loon Chaengsavang Features: Flat icons.

ultimate free icon setUltimate-Free-Icon-Set

Creator: Sixrevisions Features: 1000 icons.

sports icon set

Sports-Icon-Set Creator: Speckyboy Features: Sports icons.

flat icons vanilla choc chip theme

Flat-Icons-Vanilla-Choc-Chip-Theme Creator: Sunbzy Features: Soft coloring.


Creator: Designerzbase Features: Line and solid style icons.

foodie Pack

Foodie-Pack Creator:  Smashingmagazine Features: 200 icons.

flat Icons

Flat-Icons Creator:  Danvineyard Features: Flat style.

flat vector icons

Flat-Vector-Icons Creator:  Medialoot Features: Flat icons.

icons file type

Icons-File-typ   Creator:  Guadalupe Herrera Barragán and oscar gomez Features:  File type icons.

vector icons

vector-icons Creator:  Webdesignerdepot Features: Colorful vector icons.

long shadow flat icon set 

Long-Shadow-Flat-Icon-Set Creator:  Simon Rahm Features:  Long shadow icons.

animals icons

Animals-Icons Creator:  Icojam Features:  16 icons.

flat icon set

Flat-icon-set Creator:  Stafie Anatolie Features:  Flat icons.

food and drink icons

Food-and-Drink-Icons Creator:  Freepsdfiles Features: Food icons.

beautiful flat icons

Beautiful-Flat-Icons Creator:  Noupe Features: 200 flat icons.

flat icons

Flat-Icons-by-buatoom Creator:  Buatoom Features:  Flat icons.


Flatilicious Creator:  Pixel-fabric Features:  48 icons.

touny graphisme

Touny-graphisme Creator:  Touny graphisme Features:  50 icons.

Section #2: Line-style Icons

160 simple line icons160-Simple-Line-Icons

Creator: GraphicBurger Features: Circular, monochrome.

stylized minimalist icon collection

Stylized-Minimalist-Icon-Collection Creator: Graphichive Features: 35 icons.

round icon set

Round-icon-set Creator:  Winart Foster Features: Round icons, .eps format.

game icons

Game-Icons Creator:  Spovv Features: PSD icons.


Freecons Creator: Cosmin Negoita Features: PSD icons.

iOS 7 outline icons

iOS-7-Outline-Icons Creator:  Lynxory Features: Layered psd.

icon pack volume 1

Icon-Pack---Volume-1 Creator: Robin Kylander Features: Circular, psd format.

 icons by Martin J.Berthelsen

Icons-by-Martin-J.Berthelsen Creator:  Martin J.Berthelsen Features: 63 icons.

squared Icons

Squared-Icons Creator: Robin Kylander Features: 54 squared icons.

thin icons

Thin-Icons Creator:  Rovane Durso Features: 80 squared icons.


Cicons Creator: Graphicburger Features: 40 icons.

ios7 line icons

IOS7-Line-Icons Creator: Iframe Features: 2 sizes, ios7 style.

weather icons

Weather-Icons Creator: Sm-artists Features: Icons, font.

weather icons kit

Weather-Icons-kit Creator: George Frigo Features: PSD format.

weather icons

Weather-Icons-by-Robin-Kylander Creator: Robin Kylander Features: 24 icons, ai format.


Icons Creator:  Jayson Lane Features: ios7 style icons.

icons by Elena

Icons-by-Elena Creator:  Elena Features:  ios7 style icons.


Iconset Creator:  Pele Saeng-a-loon Chaengsavang Features:  PSD format.

budicon tester

budicon-tester Creator:  Budi Tanrim Features: psd file.


Dripicons Creator:  Designerfuel Features: Music icons.

samice icons

Samice-Icon Creator:  Samice Features:  PSD format.

 SEO services icons

SEO-Services-Icons Creator: Simpleicon Features: .ai, .eps, .svg.


ICONSET-by-YC Creator: YC Features: Line style icons.

weather icons

Weather-icons-by-heeyeun Creator:  Heeyeun Features: Weather icons.

mail psd icon set

Mail-PSD-Icon-Set Creator:  Simple icon Features: Mail icons.

ios7 tab bar icons

iOS7-Tab-Bar-Icons Creator:  Iconbeast Features: Tab bar icons.


Streamline Creator:  Webalys Features:  .svg, .png.

brainy icons

Brainy-Icons Creator:  Handdrawngoods. Features:  Hand-drawn icons.

business finder maps icons

Business-Finder-Maps-Icons Creator:  Ait-themes Features:  Circular icons.

day icons

Day-Icons Creator: Ainsley Wagoner Features: Life icons.

ios7 icons

iOS7-Icons Creator:  Ivan Features: 240 icons.

icons by bluroon

Icons-by-Bluroon Creator: Bluroon Features: psd format.


ICONS-by-Zeki-Ghulam Creator: Zeki Ghulam Features: only 32x32px.

vectory 1037 icons mini

Vectory-1037-icons-mini Creator: Icojam Features: 1037 icons.

tab bar icons iOS 7

Tab-Bar-Icons-iOS-7 Creator:  Pixeden Features: Solid and line style graphics.


hicon Creator:   Vlad Chernushevich Features: PNG icons.

skinny icons

Skinny-Icons Creator:  Riley Tippetts Features: 24 icons.


Coucou Creator:  Coucouicons Features: 64 fun icons.


Freecons Creator:  Tri Kurniawan Features: 60 icons.


Minicon Creator:  Rovane Durso Features: Smooth icons.


Chulos Creator:  Kiko11 Features:  Tiny icons.

jolly icons

Jolly-Icons Creator:  Jollyicons Features:  Hand-drawn style icons.

handcrafted micro icons

Handcrafted-Micro-Icons Creator:  Premiumpixels Features:  Assorted icons.

simple and neat vector icons

Simple-and-Neat-Vector-Icons Creator: Webappers Features: 50 icons.

Section #3: Social Media Icons

social media badges icon set

Social-Media-Badges-Icon-Set Creator: Speckyboy Features: Badges, fully editable psd file.

flat social media icons 

Flat-Social-Media-Icons Creator: Enfuzed Features: Square icons.

elegant outline social media icons

Elegant-Outline-Social-Media-Icons Creator:  Land-of-web Features: Squared icons.

vivid neon like social media icons

Vivid-Neon-like-Social-Media-Icons Creator:  Land-of-web Features: 4 sizes, .png format.

polygonal social media icons

Polygonal-Social-Media-Icons Creator: Land-of-web Features: Squared icons, polygonal style.

ios7 style social media icons

iOS7-Style-Social-Media-Icons Creator: Roberts Ozolins Features: Contour style.

 social media icons

Social-Media-Icons Creator: Dawid Dapszus Features: Circular icons.

ios7 app icon redesign

iOS7-App-Icon-Redesign Creator: Allen Wang Features: Colorful icons.

long shadow social icons

Long-Shadow-Social-Icons Creator: Uipixels Features: 42 icons.

hexagonal vibrant flat social media icons

exagonal-Vibrant-Flat-Social-Media-Icons Creator: Land-of-web Features: Retro style icons.

white social icons

White-Social-Icons Creator:  Land-of-web Features:  clean white icons.

circle flat icons retina-ready

Circle-Flat-Icons-Retina-ready Creator:  Land-of-web Features:  Retina-ready icons.

 flat social icon set

Flat-Social-Icon-Set Creator:  Speckyboy Features: Flat style icons.

round social media icons

round-social-media-icons Creator: Thislooksgreat Features: 6 color variations.

flat but not flat rounded social icons

Flat-but-not-flat-rounded-social-icons Creator: Webdesignerdepot Features: Round icons.

hexagon social icons

Hexagon-Social-Icons Creator:   Suleiman Leadbitter Features: Hexagon-shaped icons.

flat icons pack

Flat-Icons-Pack Creator: Ross Wilson Features: Long shadow icons.

social icons

Social-icons Creator:  Pierre Borodin Features:  Squared icons.

simple social icons

Simple-Social-Icons Creator:  Medialoot Features: Flat icons.

social media icons

Social-Media-Icons Creator:  Onlinebyrån Features:  Rect-shaped icons.

flat social media icons

Flat-Social-Media-Icons Creator:  Designmodo Features:  Squared icons.

rounded social media icons

Rounded-Social-Media-Icons Creator:  Pixelsdaily Features:  Rounded icons.

flat icons eps

Flat-Icons-EPS Creator:   Jorge Calvo Features:  Round and squared icons.

social media icons 

Social-Media-Icons-by-Luke-Taylor Creator:  Luke Taylor Features:  Social media glyphs.


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  1. Hi, Nataly a huge list of icons looks like icons are raining here. I have no words to say thanks you.
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  2. Just in time!! Love using little icons especially in mobile website design. Love the weather icons…

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