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Links of the Week 04/2015: Logotypes, WiFi Signal, Polygons Galore, Prototyping with Sketch and Awesome Remote Jobs

Besides crafting unique content for our ever-growing readership, we share loads more content through our social channels on a daily basis. Once a week we curate the best of these links to highlight great content further and to make our shares available to all those readers who refuse to partake in social networks, which as we all know is not the dumbest of ideas. Anyway, who am I to judge? Have it your own way. These are our Links of the Week 4 of 2015…


Behance: Lettering & Logotype Vol.2


Paul von Excite from the Netherlands has a creative hand for lettering and logotype. What started as a hobby has already become a full-time occupation. Paul works for clients of all sizes, from small business to larger brands. If you look at his portfolio you’ll totally understand why.

Remember this collection of incredibly simple and sleek logo designs here at Noupe?

Behance: Lettering & Logotype Vol.2

Quick Tip for Mac Users: WiFi Signal


This turned out to be the perfect companion for me and my new MacBook, which unbelievably misses an LAN connector, thus forcing me to rely on WiFi exclusively. The inbuilt WiFi monitor is ridiculous, WiFi Signal shows much more information and helps you troubleshoot connectivity problems effectively. Did I mention that it’s free? Well, it’s free!

Mac App Store: WiFi Signal

WebDesignDev: 150+ Free HD Geometric Polygon Backgrounds


The people from WebDesignDev have curated a fine collection of more than 150 free geometric polygonal backgrounds in HD. While most of them are delivered in their final non-editable state, there are some who come with their sources in AI or PSD. If you like polygonal designs, make sure to take a look at this large collection.

We curated this list of free generators for polygonal backgrounds and images a while back.

WebDesignDev: 150+ Free HD Geometric Polygon Backgrounds

InVision Blog: 11 Tips for Prototyping with Sketch


Andy Orsow wrote this useful piece for the InVision Blog, wherein he gives eleven tips for prototyping with Sketch, which quite a few designers see as the legitimate successor of Fireworks. Andy has put an animated GIF to each tip so you can easily follow the advice in a visual way. If you are new to Sketch, this should be on your reading list.

InVision Blog: 11 Tips for Prototyping with Sketch

GitHub: Awesome Remote Job


Remote working - working from your own four walls (or how many you might have) is a growing trend if not a whole new economy altogether. There is a lot to know and more to miss if you're thinking about entering the world of soloing. Lukasz Madon is actively compiling a list of resources to turn to over at GitHub. If you're on the brink of leaping, head over (heels) to his repository and read through the articles, books, newsletters and what not. He also holds relevant job boards and lists companies with a "remote DNA".

By the way, did you know that four out of ten remote workers see the major advantage in working from home in being able to stay nude while working? Embarrassing, isn’t it?!

GitHub: Awesome Remote Job

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