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15 Amazing Interactive Installations

By Romain Colin Here is something for a slow lousy Sunday: in this inspirational round-up we feature some outstanding interactive installations that explore the art of interaction between environment, users and machines. Extraordinary artworks. Take a look at 15 beautiful examples of interactive installations: experiments, motions, applications and more.

Installations / Applications

N Building N Building is a commercial structure located near Tachikawa station amidst a shopping district. Being a commercial building signs or billboards are typically attached to its facade which we feel undermines the structures' identity. As a solution they thought to use a QR Code as the facade itself. Night Lights YesYesNo teamed up with The Church, Inside Out Productions and Electric Canvas to turn the Auckland Ferry Building into an interactive playground. Our job was to create an installation that would go beyond merely projection on buildings and allow viewers to become performers, by taking their body movements and amplifying them 5 stories tall. Light Writing Proposal This long exposure, and the making of footage, were shot over three nights in Raleigh, North Carolina as a proposal to Emily Kern. The words "Emily, will you marry me?" Were spelled out in light writing. The final image is made up of approximately 800 individual 10 second exposures. What you see is - not what you get Video production for a school assignment. The task was to create an ass-kick video that had something to do with how we, as in Deviners, eat or cook our food. Experience Mobile Mobile Built and hoisted a gigantic interactive chandelier/mobile that plays Christmas jingles in our reception. Mobile Mobile has been made as a semi-permanent hanging (exhibition) space. In January the mobiles will be replaced with another hanging media, then updated month in, month out. Crystal Smesh Ornamental and granulated light and media facade for the ILUMA Urban Entertainment Centre in Singapore. Video documentary of the first configuration and testing program in march 2009. Full project completion and inauguration scheduled for 12/2009. Zimoun Installation Zimoun: Sound Sculptures & Installations | Compilation Video Le Nuage The cloud is an atmospheric event occurred during the Nuit Blanche 2009 on the wall of the courtyard of 102 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière in Paris. Interactive MultiTouch Sphere Seeper is an arts and technology collective. Founded in 1998 seeper’s nucleus is the pursuit of essence. Exploring natural user interaction and ubiquitous computing to create multi-sensory experiences and memories. A veritable interactive MultiTouch Sphere. Sweatshoppe In an effort to establish new platforms for public art and performance, the multimedia duo SWEATSHOPPE has developed a new interactive technology that enables them to explore the relationship between video, mark making and architecture. Scattered Pixel Scattered Pixels is a new interactive installation volumetric collective Visual System. Presented by the theater the agora nationally Evry-Essonne. VS Ny Expo "Here is a first insight of our exhibition at FIAF galery in New York City. The artists who worked on this exhibition: Valère Terrier, Djeff Regottaz and Bastien Ribeiro. The exhibition was at the French Institute." Digital Wallpaper Once in a while it is nice to not work on a commercial project and have the freedom of doing whatever you want. Fortunately the people at Büro Hirzberger were totally open to whatever we presented them to decorate parts of their office space in Vienna. This digital wallpaper, using 2 projectors to map an entire wall and using VVVV to do the deskewing and to generate the content. Nearness Nearness explores interacting without touching. One of the essential properties of Near Field Communication is nearness, but this is set against one of the paradoxes of touch-based interaction where, in fact, nothing needs to touch. In a very short film made with BERG, we explore nearness in interactive technologies. Laser Cave Prototype Interactive Audio Visual installation for Mekanism's "After School Special" art show. Location: gray area foundation for the arts. Audio : suryummy, herbie hancock, various manipulated retro logos. Disturb Me Installation “Disturb Me” is an interactive installation between human and his environment. It is to make perceptible the reciprocal links and often forgotten contact, that we maintain with our environment. You Fade to Light Concept by rAndom International for Philips Lumiblade. Software developed by Chris O'Shea.

More Interactive Content

Microsoft Sustainability The incredible presentation of future technologies in 2019, according to Microsoft. Think about all of touch screen computers in real world. Can you imagine it? Amazing videos installations Interactive Type Dynamic typography, especially with dynamic typefaces. Bachelor Thesis by Michael Flückiger and Nicolas Kunz. Hochschule at Künste Bern 2009.

About the author

Romain Colin is the founder and publication director of Fubiz - Daily dose of inspiration. You can follow him on Twitter.


  1. This was pretty rad. Just relaxing on a sunday and having something visually inspiring to look at.

    Just perfect.

  2. Cool collection. :)

    Hope that doesn’t qualify as forbidden link droppping, but I’ve done an interactive installation a few years back that might interest some of you.

    It was called “Dave” and was an interactive music video installation. You could control a music video which was playing on monitors around you. Via light switches you could choose between different musical and visual styles of the same music video. It was an insane amount of work (think 7 video tracks with 3 versions), but well worth the effort. :)

    There are some videos on the website we put up for it: Dave – The Interactive Music Video Installation

    And if embedding works, here is one of them:

  3. …. I gotta admit “Vimeo” does not play well on my old laptop…. but I still like this post that Brukhar sent me from “” !!

  4. Totally not the type of installation I was expecting to read about but I”m glad I ended up here…very cool!!


  5. great links – but misinforming title. So many of these are missing the ‘interactive’ part that I was looking for.

  6. All of this installation are just amazing. There was one installation for Tron which was truly interactive as it reacted as per the users motion

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