Nataly Birch July 4th, 2016

Level Up: 20 Useful Sketch Tutorials

Although SketchApp was created with graphic designers in mind. And one can’t argue that with its outstanding support for multiple pages and artboards and a bulk of features such as shared styles, it offers a pretty comfortable and fertile environment for creativity. However, it still requires some skills to master it.  If you want to get a grasp of basics, to say nothing about making the most out of the software, then you need some documentation, guides and insights. One of the easiest and enjoyable ways of acquiring knowledge nowadays is to dive into Sketch tutorials that are composed by fellow professionals and enthusiasts in this sphere. These online written lessons reveal a routine of creating something from scratch that can be easily repeated at home. All you have to do is to obediently follow all the instructions and at the same time memorize techniques and tricks, and practice your skills. Today’s list comprises 20 Sketch tutorials created for those of you who need some boost and directions in successfully using SketchApp. Some of them are well-suited to novices, while others require a bit more than just a simple understanding of a program.

Designing for Apple Watch: Designing a Glance in Sketch

designing for apple watch Creator: Sven Lenaerts

Prototyping a Quotes App using Sketch and Flinto for Mac

prototyping an app Creator: Marcus Siegel

Sketch Workflow — Atomic Symbols

atomic symbols Creator: Anthony Collurafici

Exploring Dynamic Layout in Sketch

exploring dynamic layout Creator: Matej Hrescak

Sketch Tutorial: Colorful Switch

sketch tutorial Creator: Sebastien Gabriel

Pixel Density, Demystified

pixel density demystified Creator: Peter Nowell

Sketch App Tutorial Series: Part 1 of 5.

sketchapp tutorial Creator: Marc Andrew

Designing an iOS Fitness Application with Apple Watch Compatibility

designing an iOS app Creator: Daniel Korpai

Sketch for Beginners: Design a Bold Email Newsletter

designing a newsletter Creator: Armando Sotoca

Designing an eCommerce Portfolio: Timelapse

design an ecommerce portfolio Creator: Adi Purdila

Free Sketch 3 Tutorials

free sketch 3 tutorials Creator: learnsketch

Mastering the Bézier Curve in Sketch

mastering bezier curve Creator: Peter Nowell

Sketch Tricks

sketch tricks Creator: Peter Assentorp

How to use only rectangle,circle and line to draw illustration in Sketch

how to create an illustration Creator: Yuki_erqiudao

5 Very Special, 10 Sketch Tips

5 special tips Creator: Emin Inanc Unlu

5 Simple Steps To Perspective Mockups In Sketch

5 simple steps to perspective objects Creator: Marko Vuletic

Create a simple illustration of prescription bottle in Sketch

illustration in Sketch Creator: Abhijeet Wankhade

5 Tips to Speed Up Your Workflow in Sketch

5 tips for speeding up workflow Creator: Tatyana Kuva

Creating Patterns in Sketch

creating patterns in Sketch Creator: Aaron Tenbuuren

How to: Draw a seaside scene in Sketch App.

how to draw a seaside Creator:

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