Vitaly Friedman April 20th, 2010

Amazing Portraits Drawn With… Cassette Tapes!

This post is our first of the series "Talented Designers and Artists" where we feature creative and beautiful artworks produced by designers and artists worldwide. Today we feature Erika Iris Simmons (@iri5 on Twitter), is a kind of artist that you won't usually meet on an occasional art exhibition. Her works are noted for their unique and innovative style that focuses on recycling found materials, such as old cassettes, video tapes and used books. These unique materials make her work an excellent choice for a wide range of projects and purposes. Iris's art has also been featured in newspapers and magazines all over the world. We thank Designerscouch for finding the artist and her beautiful works.

Beautiful Cassette Tapes Artworks

Kung Fu Cassette Did some work last year for Jung v. Matt am Neckar (German ad agency)... this was a promo for a radio station. I sculpted the cassette into designs by their art director and then sent the tape sculptures to the agency where they were photographed and made über nice-looking. kung-fu-cassette Lauryn Hill Cassette tape on canvas, 2010. Love her voice. Lauryn Hill The Hendrix Experience Cassette tape on canvas with soundwaves. For Anthony. The Hendrix Experience Jerry Garcia Live Jerry Garcia revisited... I think its a bit better than my last attempt. Mix tape at the bottom. Cassette on canvas, 2010. Jerry Garcia Live Bob Marley Great start to the year! The cassette case is painted very lightly, so you can still read "Bob Marley and the Wailers : Birth of a Legend" on the case. Wanted to do something a little fun...Cassette tape on canvas, 2010. Bob Marley Audrey Reclining A really big Audrey Hepburn made entirely out of donated, recycled 8mm film. This piece will be on display at the Peninsula Art School in Fish Creek, WI for a show called "The Medium is the Message" opening April 16th... I'll be attending the reception on April 17th and I welcome anyone in the area to stop by. Audrey Reclining Bon Jovi Bon Jovi tribute with original "Slippery When Wet" cassette, for Luiz. (I used just a little bit of red paint on this one to show the bandana, the rest is all cassette.) On canvas, 2009 : ) P.S. I recently got an SLR Rebel, and I can't believe the difference in quality in the photographs when compared to what a was using - a Canon powershot! Much better! Bon Jovi Betty Page Recycled 16mm film. on canvas. Betty Page Van Morrison Cassette tape portrait of Van Morrison, on canvas. Paper collage background is composed of articles and interviews related to his career. Van Morrison The Clash London Calling. Cassette tape on canvas, for Sam. The Clash Tom Waits Tom Waits out of cassette, on canvas. Love it or hate it... Tom Waits Paul Griffiths Cassette tape on canvas. Made for cover of Tick Magazine, UK. Paul Griffiths Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix out of cassette, commission (cassette is real, no paint, no photoshop) Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin Free custom art gift for my girl Aisyah in Switzerland. She was the winner of a recent contest, and Janis Joplin was her selection for a piece. I really appreciate your support! Thanks! Cassette on canvas. Janis Joplin Bob Dylan Bob Dylan, cassette on canvas. Bob Dylan Sicktape 2 First cover art. 2009 Sicktape 2 Robert Smith Robert Smith from the Cure, cassette on canvas, commission, Definitely the best hair. Robert Smith Nick Cave Cassette tape on canvas, for Monica in Munich, a surprise birthday present. Nick Cave Michael Jackson Tribute to Michael Jackson, cassette tape on canvas. Michael Jackson Lenny Kravitz For my friend Federica in Roma... Cassette tape on canvas. Lenny Kravitz Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe coming out of old 8mm film reel, recycled film on canvas. Marilyn Monroe Ian Brown Ian Brown of Stone Roses, cassette on canvas. Ian Brown Ian Astbury Quickie for a friend... I wear my sunglasses at night : ) Gonna be a surprise for someone's b-day. He still needs a bit of a haircut... Gotta tame the mane. Ian Astbury Jerry Garcia Gift for my cousin in St. Louis... cassette tape on canvas. Jerry Garcia Albert Einstein Space-time cowboy. Recycled 8mm film on canvas with reel and clock parts. Albert Einstein Ian Curtis Ian Curtis (late singer of Joy Division) out of cassette with passover lyrics "This is the crisis I knew had to come, destroying the balance I'd kept. Turning around to the next set of lives, wondering what will come next..." The newspaper collage in the background was from a paper dating from the year Joy Division was formed. Ian Curtis The Dude Abides VHS tape on canvas. The Dude Abides Beat Boxers Same ad campaign. Beat Boxers

About the designer

Erika Iris Simmons (26) is a self-taught artist from Georgia. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, 2006, with a degree in Russian. She tries to express an idea, through the arrangement of very common things, with the hope that some messages will be conveyed without words. She loves nostalgia of the archaic and hopes that not everything which has outlived its use goes to waste. Screenshot

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Fernando Valenzuela And something different for a change: "Fernando Valenzuela made entirely out of the innards of a single baseball... A few weeks ago I posted on my website a wishlist of weird materials that I wanted for future projects, one of which was 'a baseball that had actually been used in a game.'" Fernando Valenzuela Iris Simmons' Portfolio


  1. My God, I love this, the creativity and talent just shines through! Incredible to think that a cassette could be used in just a way like this. I wonder if the artist would consider selling his amazing work to DubLi? He’d definitely find buyers, and be helping out charities too…

  2. Awesome,I adore Mr.Jackson! He was the best to ever do it! We will never have someone like him! RIP to the GREATEST!

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