Robert Bowen May 3rd, 2012

Creative Construction: A Collection of Crafty Collage Art

For so many of us who work in the realms of the digital, our creative processes can often come up a bit lacking in the physical, hands-on area. Which is why it can often be so inspiring to take a virtual tour of traditional artists’ works whose processes are often extremely hands-on. These creative constructions possess more than just mere physical presence, they possess the energy of all the pieces that brought them together. Collage is one of those artforms.

Collage artists and their work often exemplify this idea, as their constructs are built from a bevvy of creative materials, at times recycling art or pieces of to use in their works. Which is why we have collected a range of collage art that we are sure will help to ignite the flames of inspiration for our readers.

Creative Construction

Windswept by mistressofspam

TechnoDragon by kimdemulder

Gamer by PixieCold

Lightweight by Timidemerald

The superficial beauty of tech by tzum

stars by the-Px-corporation

Perfect Stranger by wicked-vlad

taxi by igorska

Kotoha-san a La Newspaper by Tsukareru

Masked Creatures by ursulav

Fall in Love by Risata

Remember Happiness? by Er-ca

Hope by nighty

The Lionhearted by weedlace

Fanciful by kimdemulder

oculus by tzum

Different by PixieCold

terror jr. 2 by the-Px-corporation

Glamourous by wicked-vlad

Love Collage by Er-ca

Flying with Butterflies by nighty

internal32 by REDROB10

Pandora Hearts by vampiric-strangel


SLEEP CREASES by PancreasSupervisor

Secret Parallel by Versatis

TV Take 1 by VUHwex

Brave Red Boat by weedlace

Rye and Water by Paimonerra

I Want I Need by medusa-terata

New Junk City 2

The morallity of carnivorism by tzum

Mannequin by ursulav

Bird of Paradise by nighty

perish the thought by REDROB10

DIALOGUE by krecha

RADICALLY NEW CONCEPTS 3D by PancreasSupervisor

Ages of the Library by Versatis

Hoisted Yet Clinging by weedlace

Open Here by TheJader

All the Pieces Placed…

Now that you have finished going through the collection we have assembled, we turn the comment section over to you. Did you have any favorites from the list? Do you know of any other collage artists or pieces that inspire you?


Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen is an emerging author, celebrated podcaster and poet, and most recently the co-founder and imaginative co-contributor of the creative design and blogging duo at the Arbenting and Dead Wings Designs.


  1. Despite our digital era, these are primary example of why traditional media will not disappear. We need something traditional to look at, to remind us how many ways we can create art without computers, and how good it will feel to create something out of nothing (and without a mouse).

    I miss creating art with my hands. Might as well take out the art materials again soon. :D

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