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Inspired by the Dark Side of the Force: Darth Vader Variations

For over thirty years one iconic villain has reigned in the dark corners of so many hearts mdash; and not just of those who proudly parade beneath the banner of sci-fi junkies. Darth Vader has transcended the page and screen to live on in ways most characters will never achieve; but then again, most characters do not have command over the power of the force like the dark Sith Lord does. So when you are looking for a dose of inspiration from the darker areas of the imagination, turning to the artwork inspired by the face of the dark side is a fantastic way to go.

Darth Vader at Iwo Jima by: hitokirivaderbefore he shaped the future, Lord Vader was playing his part in shaping the past of the human race.

For generations, fans have been taking their love of this character and exploring it across artistic mediums to share with the fan base and beyond. Below is a showcase of some choice pieces from the mountains of Vader related fan art that fill the cyberspace vaults.

If you are a fan of this mythic figure then you have certainly come to the right place to get your fix of Vader’s looming artistic aura. If you are not a fan, then by the time you get to the bottom of these showcased images, you just might become one. . .

Digital Art

We have divided the images into a couple of categories for you today. The first is very much in keeping with the futuristic theme of the verse from which this character was wrought. In the following category, Darth Vader gets a retouch from some talented digital artists who have fixed their eye on this dark figure from the sci-fi side of the scene.

Darth Vader by: gereksiztara

Darth Vader by: NathanRosario

Darth Vader by: Cinar

Darth Vader by: DennisBudd

Darth Vader by: kidnotorious & commanderlewis

Darth Vader by: erwebb

Darth Vader Special Cover by: anjum

Darth Vader has a Posse by: 1NNU3NDO

Darth Vader by: CarlosNCT

Darth Vader by: MissLastri

Darth Vader – Star Wars by: FlowComa

Darth Vader Widescreen by: DanMed – available as a wallpaper

Lord Darth Vader by: frogmachine

Darth Vader – Death Star by: Shadrak – available as a wallpaper

Darth Vader by: particle9

Vader on Hoth by: Livio27

Typographic Darth Vader by: Bakageta-Koto

Vader by: DarthMater

Darth Vader Unmasked by: HeroforPain

Darth Vader by: Ferigato

Vader by: bazze

Darth Vader by: yigitkoroglu

Darth Vader by: raikoh14

Vader by: scrappster

Jonboy’s Vader by: Jonboy007007, Andrewchun, & pochrzas

Star Wars – Darth Vader and Co. by: jamga

Lord Vader by: Tigerblock

Lord Vader StarWars by: Thuddleston

Vader Redeemed by: Taclobanon

Darth Vader by: ashasylum

SW: The Will of Darth Vader 55 by: Brian Koschak, Dan Parsons, & Michael E. Wiggam

the Birth of Darth Vader by: avimdesign

Vader by: LastDarkAutumn – available as a wallpaper

Traditional Art

In this section of the post we have scoured through the DA gallery to find a number of traditional artists who have turned their artistic eyes and talents towards the villain who stands tall among Hollywood’s most beloved baddies. Translating this tech-driven most prodigious villain in more low-tech presentations work wonderfully for refilling your wells of inspiration.

Darth Vader by: gattadonna

Darth Vader by: RobHough

Darth Vader by: Blasterkid

Darth Vader by: Lalalae

Darth Vader V2 by: itmon

Darth Vader by: RickLacy

Darth Vader by: sullen-skrewt

Darth Vader Painting by: golfiscool

Darth Vader by: renonevada

Darth Vader – Luke Skywalker by: greatart4jeff

Darth Vader by: raulinho07

Darth Vader Unmasked by: pokefreak123

Vader Re-Imagined

Now we arrive at the final section of the showcase, Vader re-imagined which is a bit different. Here we look at some pieces where the artists have taken this iconic figure and have re-imagined him; crafting new and exciting variations of the Sith Lord.

Steampunk Vader by: Caveatscoti

Darth Vader Sugar Skull by: strongstuff

Master Darth Vaderuki by: kizer180

Darth Vader Nendoroid by: aLDoDarK

Steampunk Darth Vader by: simjoy

Zombie Darth Vader by: DoomCMYK

ReDarth Vader by: chosen-1

Alternate Darth Vader by: Movindus

Darth Vader C.XVI by: Aioras

Steam Wars Darth Vader by: sillof

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  1. Some I have seen before, but most are new to me. Darth Vader never fails to inspire the dark side in every designer. No pun intended. *laughs* I really enjoyed this collection of wonderful arts, very inspiring! Hoping for more to come!

    1. As a huge Spaceballs fan myself, I almost did stick one or two in there, but in the end, I thought against it. :( Now I know that I would have at least had one other person on my side. lol

      1. Make that 2 more people. “You have the ring, and I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now let’s see how well you handle it. ” lol great post though!

  2. I’m not much of a Star Wars fan but Darth Vader is clearly the coolest character in the film(s). Thanks for the collection.

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