Dirk Metzmacher December 2nd, 2016

20 spectacular Wildlife Photography Examples for your Inspiration

From a close-up of a wasp to a herd of wild horses: Everyone loves beautifully composed photos of majestic wildlife. An adventurous journey to different species and locations. We couldn`t pick a favorite. Here are 20 striking Wildlife Photography examples for your inspiration.

Fénec The soul of the desert

Look at this sweet guy: a fennec (desert fox) from Morocco. It`s the smallest species of the family.

© José Mingorance

Ice age giant

Roy Mangersnes is a award-winning wildlife photographer living in Norway. It`s so cold there:

© Roy Mangersnes

O Dandelion

Boris Godfroid is an insect macro and nature photographer. Look at his colorful Insect portraits.

© Boris Godfroid

The Power of the Criollo

Chris is famous for the highest quality of wildlife and nature pictures. The Criollo is the native horse of Uruguay.

© Chris Schmid

Underwater Elephant

Vitaly Sokol loves underwater photography. One of the most challenging types of photography.

© Vitaliy Sokol

Frog and strawberry

What a combination: a Frog and a strawberry. Great colors and sharp contrasts.

© Oleksandr Voloshyn

American Alligator

Eric is a Self employed press technician, with a great passion for shooting nature photos.

© Eric Isley

Portrait of an Eastern Screech Owl

Graham McGeorge’s work is published in such publications as National Geographic, NY Times Magazine, BBC Wildlife Magazine and much more.

© Graham McGeorge

Moose in mist

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service loves Wildlife Photography. Take a look at the official Photostream.

© U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Sergey Polyushko is a Ukrainian photographer. He mastered the art of eye-catching animal portraits.

© Sergey Polyushko

Hands up

Georg Scharf is a nature photographer from Luxemburg. His landscapes and wildlife photos are spectacular.

© Georg Scharf

Size doesn’t matter

Hint: The pelican swallows everything. There’s also a small fish visible in the pic that ended the same way.

© daniele paccaloni

Duelling Tigers

A play fight in some water at Tiger Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. The capturing of movement is amazing.

© Daniel Sakal


What a curious baby fox. Please take a look at Roberts galleries.

© Robert Adamec

Curiosity of a Chimpanzee in Men

A chimpanzee at the Limbe Wildlife center in Cameroon. A playful peek from underneath the thence.

© suzanne van dalsen


Pedro Jarque Krebs is one of the best nature and wildlife photographers that you should know.

© Pedro Jarque Krebs

Spontaneous Moments

A harbor seal rests, if only for a moment, in this magic scenery.

© ralph pace

Cherry blossom season

Gorgeous blend of sharpness and blur. And saturated colors!

© FuYi Chen

Gentoo Chicks

Richard has specialized in environmental filmmaking and nature photography. These are two newly hatched Gentoo Penguin chicks.

© Richard Sidey

Swifts Over the Fall

This picture was shot at the majestic Iguazú Falls.

© Francesco Filippo Pellegrini

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  1. nice n great wild photography collection. every each was very good n great work.thanks for this picks and sharing this.

  2. Just saw your wildlife collections. Collections are excellent. Taking a good shot with the camera is tough. The photographer has to wait for serval hour to take a perfect shot. One more thing it also depends on the person who takes a photograph in such way.

  3. Hi Dirk! In all respects, it’s the best wildlife photo collections. For the first time, I saw your amazing collection of photography. We always like to look pretty things like that. Love this natural lighting photo.

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