Robert Bowen May 24th, 2011

40+ Inspiring Grunge Ridden Photos of Ruins

As we move forward leaving our history behind us, time takes its toll upon that which we have left there. For centuries people have been building structures that have weathered and ruined over time, and in those ruins is more than a rich reminder of our past. There lies an abundance of inspiration just waiting there to be tapped by anyone who happens upon them.

With so many classic examples of solid, pristine structures evolving into grunge ridden ruins holding attitudes and tones they once failed to possess. All imparted by the degradation time has inflicted upon them. That is what we find ourselves in search of today. That attitude and tone that grunge can impart for our design works.

By browsing through these fantastic photographs of ruined remains, we hope that you can find all the inspiration you need to get your grunge ridden design project on its proverbial feet and running! With so many amazing textures and corrupted compositions displayed through the hands of decay, inspiration should be flowing freely for you in no time.

The Ruins

Ruins by Eldar Vagapov

Ruins by blathlean

Ruins of a Muslim haveli in an Oudh qasbah by Indscribe

Ruined by Erich Ferdinand

Ruins by Diricia De Wet

Ruins of the Church of St. Paul by Edwin Lee

Ruins by Maciej Lewandowski

Ruin of an arsenal on Tomogashima Island by Kazue Asano

Ruins of Gede by Filip Lachowski

Ruined croft above Ardvreck Castle by Shandchem

Mine Ruins by Steve Parker

The Ruins of Leiston Abbey by Martin Pettitt

Ruins of the Schmidt/McDonald Ranch bunkhouse & barn by Samat Jain

Ruins at Angkor by kangotraveler

Ruins in Nizwa by Mary Paulose

Gatineau MW – Ruins by Gordon Bell

Ruin by Christian Kadluba

Ruins IR – Holliday Park, Indy by Serge Melki

Ruins in Tulum by Christopher Aloi

Ruins of Castle of Pontaningen by Lukas Mathis

Ruins of the Old Cathedral, Coventry by Steve Cadman

ruins 9 by Þorgils Völundarson

Aztec Ruins, NM by Claudia Zimmer

Dundonald House Ruins by Sascha Wenninger

Palace Ruins by upyernoz

Harper’s Ferry Church Ruins by Mr. T in DC

Ruined KTV in Taichung by Vick the Viking

Abbey Ruins by Uli Harder

Plesse Ruins by sonderzeichen

Roman Ruins by Tambako the Jaguar

Via Appia ruins by ZeroOne

Convento Ruins with Santa Rita Mountains by Ken Bosma

Byblos – Jbeil ruins by Serge Melki

Church Ruin by John Kavanagh

The Ruined Arch, Kew Gardens, London by Jim Linwood

Greek Temple Ruins by Phil Hollman

Jungle Ruins by Alastair Rae

Hrad Devin ruins by Gabriele

Fountains Abbey Ruins by Dave Wild

The Windsor Ruins Revisited by Natalie Maynor

Aztec Ruins, NM by Claudia Zimmer

Dunfermline Abbey ruins by Phil Hollman

Barboursville Ruins by Mr. T in DC


Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen is an emerging author, celebrated podcaster and poet, and most recently the co-founder and imaginative co-contributor of the creative design and blogging duo at the Arbenting and Dead Wings Designs.


  1. Thanks for the feedback! It is true, Mainual, they do show how temporary these structures truly are.

    Andre, it is more about the places than the photos, so glad the ruins resonate!

  2. Andre is right on some of these being shot in an undermining way, but this is some fascinating list, didn’t know most of them so thanks for sharing!

  3. These are some fantastic photos! I love history, and almost everything I do has a bit of historical fact in it :)

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