Vitaly Friedman February 23rd, 2010

50 Beautiful Examples of Flower Photography


  1. Today is my birthday and I received these flowers as a gift from my dear friend JA!!! Thanks a lot, it was amazing!!!

  2. A beautiful collection of images – well done everyone. Imagine my surprise to browse this collection and discover one of my own here – “Stunner” click on it to see more of my work!

  3. you were asked to remove my image from your website, please do it immediately and dont just delete my comment, I will take legal action if necessary

  4. Excellent! Extensive use of a polariser on almost every image (good!).
    BTW I challenge the fellow photographers here to prove the current existence of a Photoshop (or other software) effect that can 100% replace the polariser filter :)…

  5. Dear All, We invite you to take part in the International Art Project SIP (Shelter Imaginary Point): PROTECTIVE FLOWERS. This project of art group “Strontium-90” is devoted to 25 anniversary of the Chernobyl’s catastrophe, which will be marked on April 26, 2011
    Everybody can take part. Write your name, last name, city, country (and age and profession, if you want) and send your picture or photo of any real or unreal flower (near 900 MGB) to e-mail [email protected]
    All yours flowers will be fixed on a plastic panel. Floral installation will imitate new Shelter above Chornobyl power station.

  6. I would like to see the same flowers pictures or original pictures without editing / finishing / touching effects etc. It will help me to improve my photography and others who are newly entered in the photography field. — Manohar Ajinkya.

  7. WOW!!!! Amazing photography!!! Do you have a book? I absolutely love your photos! Thanks for brightening up my day!!!

  8. My apologies… I did not notice your disclaimer above when I included a link to one of my own flower images.

    The ones you have posted are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  9. hello , this is absolutley wonderful, it really shows how diverse, the living GOD is, i love this collection to the maximum thanks so much for this collection!! iam glad i visited this site!!


  10. super…………………………………… in the world. this flowers beats to the heart

  11. OMG! i love these pictures they are beautiful where did you go to find all these beautiful flowers???

  12. what a beautiful flowers. how much these flowers refreshing our souls and hearts. great and unique and variety of collection

  13. very beautiful……..awesome….woderfulllllllllllllll…………….no word to describe more…………..thanx for collection………………

  14. Gorgeous..simply marvelous….However, how come some of the lovely flowers don’t have a name???..

    it just says “flower”..??? I would love to know what some of them are..

  15. They are all beautiful.. I will also include this as my collection that i get in They have high resolution photos especially in flowers.

  16. These flowers are very beautiful……
    i think this is the gift of nature for people…..
    look always happy like these flowers……..

  17. Wow! This is really a gift of nature from God to man. Hmmm should i say the Garden of Eden. They are lovely n beautiful

    1. I totaly agree with your coment god definitly gives us a lot of wounderful gifts (sometimes we take advantage of them) the pictures of flowers on here remind me of how much He loves us :)

  18. our earth has many beautiful wonders and human beings are the real talents. my wish is every life should be born and grow like the pictures mentioned above

    1. Thanks a lot Marwa, you deserve all the flowers of the world, despite it’s a little for someone like you :)))))))))

  19. We love flowers very much . Everybody love flowers . A flower is a thing of beauty . A thing of beauty is joy for ever . Flower are the most beautiful objects of nature . They have made our country beautiful . so we should take care of flower .

  20. beautiful, looking at a flower is close to heaven. Also any fool who does not think God is real has not really looked at a flower.

  21. really its very beatiful…..i felt as i’m entering in to the world of only flowers……where there is always a smile and happiness…..when u see them…though their life ends soon.

  22. These flowers remind me one of the beautiful creation of God for the happiness of human being. I lost myself looking at their beauty

  23. Thanks so much for these beautiful works. I really love them. You have done marvellously well. Keep it up.

  24. Wow…i really like all these fantastic collection of flowers !!!!
    All these beautiful works really make my days and give me inspiration on photography !!!
    Good work and keep it up !!!!

  25. Its all very beautiful, I like flowers so much, I want all flowers in my garden in natural look,yes your collections very nice.

  26. these flowers are wonderful.they make me feel happy, i wish i could smell them.thank u 4 making my day.

  27. when i look flowers i see god ,god created flowers trees and all of things in the world because he wanted he is known by all of people in the world .i like flowers i like trees because they give me positive energy that i need in my life:))))

  28. i like flowers and i hThese flowers are very beautiful……
    i think this is the gift of nature for people…..
    look always happy like these flowers……..i have collected many flower photos already….

  29. amazing flowers,these flowers are very close to heart,i like these flowers soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmuuuuuuuccccccccccchhhhhhhhhh

  30. WOW, these flowers are very very cute, oh thanks for u mr. designer
    i selected some to send to my lovely ones

    u do well

  31. Really beautifull flowers. we do see few of them daily, but never with closer look of their beauty. Thanks for making my day.

  32. Excellent to see those i want to see that person who has collected this pics cozzzz is those flower that person had really seen…….it give a immense pleasure to my eyes

  33. People when demotivated, can look at these beautiful flowers to get motivated. The pictures are really very good. Thank you for making the beauty of flowers available for everyone.

  34. It’s very beautiful I wish I could picture a flower or a moment like that.I’m inspired to study more and graduate and have a job. GOOOOOD JOOOOOB!!!!!!!!

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