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All The Colours Of The Sun: 60 Perfectly Amazing Photos Of Nature’s Beauty

From time to time I need to get my thoughts clear. When I’m feeling stressed by deadlines, clients, people, life in general, all I have to do is look at a beautiful landscape with all the colours of the sun to it. Whenever I can, I try to experience these views in real life, but unfortunately vacations only last so long. So for the rest of the year, photography has to contribute to my wellbeing. The following 60 hand-picked photos are my personal favorites. I hope they can keep you in good mood too.

Fantastic Photographers Catch Fantastic Views

The following gallery contains 60 fantastic photos taken by fantastic photographers from all around the world. We have photos from Indonesia, India, China, and Russia as well as some from Africa, Europe, and America. The guiding line, the connection between all of these pictures is the lighting the sun provides. Depending on where in the world the photo was taken, the lights seem warmer or colder, brighter or blunter. Different seasons reflect different lighting. Our gallery provides you with additional information, such as who the photographer is, where the photo was taken and where we’ve seen it first. For every photographer, I added a link to the portfolio, where you can find even more fantastic pieces of his or her work. So have fun with this huge gallery and get inspired and recharged. May the sun lighten up your heart and soul! Title: Autumn Sunrise Photographer: Gary McParland Origin: Location: Derrymore Woods, Co Armagh, Ireland Title: Rejep Pasha Mosque Photographer: Dimitris Koskinas Origin: Location: Rhodes, Greece Title: Spirit Garden Photographer: Marc Adamus Origin: Location: Queets Rainforest, Washington, USA Title: September Afternoon Photographer: Jay Yang Origin: Title: Abstract At The Lake Photographer: József Pataki Origin: Location: Unknown, any guesses? Probably Hungary? Title: Arde Gaztelugatxe - Bizkaia Photographer: Aketxe Mujika Origin: Location: San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Spain Title: The Old Church On The Coast Of White Sea Photographer: Sergey Ershov Origin: Location: Kern, Republic of Karelia, Russia Title: Pruhonice in HDR Photographer: Kubajsz Fiser Origin: Location: Prague, Czech Republic Title: Untitled Photographer: zhi zhou Origin: Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Title: Holding On Photographer: José Ramos Origin: Location: Alvor, Portugal Title: Lightcatchers Photographer: Marc Adamus Origin: Location: Kofa Wildlife Refuge, Southern Arizona, USA Title: Sunset over Adriatic Photographer: Darko Kontin Origin: Location: Lukovo, Croatia Title: Waiting For The Miracle Photographer: Matjaz Cater Origin: Location: Somewhere in Slovenia Title: Fall In Yosemite Photographer: Ibrahim Alnassar Origin: Location: Yosemite National Park, California, USA Title: The Beginning Photographer: Marc Adamus Origin: Location: Banff, Alberta, Canada Title: Cruising Photographer: Ashmieke Origin: Location: Olbia, Sardinia, Italy Title: Sunset In Thailand Photographer: laurentlesax Origin: Location: Koh Samed Island, Thailand Title: Camino a la Isla Photographer: César Comino García Origin: Location: Somewhere in Andalucia, Spain Title: Mystic Lake Photographer: Tad Cholinski Origin: Location: Lake Mulwala, Australia Title: Gaztelu koloretsu Photographer: Andoni Lamborena Origin: Location: Gaztelugatxe, Northern Spain Title: Brand New Day Photographer: Rico Cavallo Origin: Location: Somewhere in Italy Title: yikik iskele Photographer: ömer yücel Origin: Location: Unknown, maybe somewhere in Turkey Title: Oxcart Photographer: Marsel van Oosten Origin: Location: Madagascar Title: Como Dos Párpados Photographer: Luis Martínez Origin: Location: Unknown Title: Untitled Autumn Scenery Photographer: fproject - Przstrongyslaw Kruk Origin: Title: Rays & Stripes Photographer: Palash Kundu Origin: Location: Ladder River, Kashmir, India Title: Noah Photographer: Pawel Kucharski Origin: Location: Otok Vis, Croatia Title: Golden Sunset Photographer: Vitor Ferreira Origin: Location: Praia da Memória, Portugal Title: This is Mesa Arch… Photographer: Reid Wolcott Origin: Location: Canyonlands N.P., Utah, USA Title: Sunset in Liepaja Frozen Beach Photographer: Jose Antonio Castellanos Origin: Location: Liepaja, Latvia Title: Children of the Sun Photographer: Fran Moreno Origin: Location: Huelva, Spain Title: Ruins Photographer: Jakub Malicki Origin: Location: Unknown Title: Paine Photographer: Javier Fernández del Rivero Origin: Location: Torres del Paine National Park, Argentina/Chile Title: Red Silence Photographer: Alfonso Della Corte Origin: Location: Unknown, maybe somewhere in Italy Title: Heal Me by Sunrise V Photographer: Daniel Hasselberg Origin: Location: Somewhere in Sweden Title: Jukung Photographer: Wisnu Taranninggrat Origin: Location: Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia Title: Africa Photographer: Amnon Eichelberg Origin: Location: Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa Title: tranquility of the pier Photographer: Samet Güler Origin: Location: Istanbul, Turkey Title: Golden Li River Photographer: Yan Zhang Origin: Location: Li River, Guangxi, China Title: Sky Photographer: AdrienC Photography Origin: Location: Unknown, probably La Rochelle, France Title: Hanging Photographer: Regy Kurniawan Origin: Location: Parangndog, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Title: Empire State Photographer: WilsonAxpe / Scott Wilson Origin: Location: New York City, USA Title: Return to the Cosmiques Photographer: Alexandre Buisse Origin: Location: Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix, France Title: In front of the show Photographer: MMB Fotografía Adolfo Gris Origin: Location: Les Gavines, Valencia, Spain Title: Lappland - winterwonderland Photographer: Christian Schweiger Origin: Location: Lappland - Kiilopää Title: Looking Through The Window II Photographer: Roland Shainidze Origin: Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Title: HKG 2012 Photographer: Djaka Farezki Origin: Location: Hong Kong Title: Moscow Morning Photographer: Sergey Shaposhnikov Origin: Location: Moscow, Russia Title: In Ice Photographer: Mario777 Origin: Location: Palanga, Lithuania Title: Sun rises over the Mittens Photographer: Marco Mechi Origin: Location: Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona, USA Title: Carrasqueira Photographer: Paulo Gomes Origin: Location: Carrasqueira, Alcacer-do-Sal, Portugal Title: Bavarian Sunset Photographer: Mark Whale Origin: Location: Somewhere in Bavaria, Germany Title: Fields Photographer: Krzysztof Browko Origin: Location: Tuscany, Italy Title: Dancing Under The Sun Light Photographer: Vanquist Origin: deviantART Location: Unknown Title: Redemption Photographer: Chris Moore Origin: Location: Colorado River near Toroweap, Grand Canyon, USA Title: Way Home Photographer: Kim Keun Bong Origin: Location: Unknown Title: Tuscany Sunrise Photographer: Jarek Pawlak Origin: Location: Mucigliani, Tuscany, Italy Title: Untitled Photographer: Paul Marcellini Origin: Location: Blue Cypress Lake, Florida, USA Title: Silence Coming Photographer: Jasmina Gorjanski Origin: Location: Motovun, Croatia Title: Trotternish Photographer: Michael Breitung Origin: Location: Isle of Skye, Scotland, United Kingdom The End: I hope you like what you've seen here. Click over to the portfolios of your favourite artists from this post and help them get up and running on the social photography platforms they have chosen. See you next time... (dpe)

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