Prakash Ghodke December 6th, 2010

Amazing Art of Snow Sculpture

Prakash Ghodke

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  1. Thank you for including my photo of the Davy Jones sculpture at the Tokamachi Yuki Matsuri (Snow festival) in Japan. It was impressive and the whole atmosphere was a lot of fun. However, it is a shame I never got up to Sapporo or across to China – those are some really amazing sculptures!

  2. amazing stunning- and, just as every medium has its own distinct & special properties, there are those which are unique to snow/ice that make for beautifully whimsical sculptures- they glisten & sparkle in the sun- with the rays playing with & bouncing off of their form – then in the shade of evening or night they still glisten, but with a magical veil of opalescent sheen.

    The blank stark white-ness creates such an interesting dynamic- it’s awesome — Presented to us in this way- blanketed under a coating of bare white nothingness; devoid of the distraction of even a single color- there is that sense of sparkling, gleaming purity already mentioned- but each sculpture, regardless of subject- be it Mickey or Buddha- also seems to possess this, almost deep, heavy, esoteric quality- but I also can’t help but feel a sort of sadness too- like they are frozen- literally and figuratively(!) haha- paused in this blank, empty moment- it’s hard to pinpoint- whimsical, yet mysterious, yet…sad haha. Lovely no less. Loved this feature ^ ^*

  3. Wow, there are amazing sculptures inside.
    Thanks for sharing…really fantastic and sometimes unbelieveable big!!


  4. wow, its very great and very enjoyable. amazing .
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