Noupe Editorial Team October 20th, 2010

Animals Gone Wild (Photography)

Showing one's teeth doesn't always mean they're smiling for the camera. Animals tend to expose their teeth especially when it comes to territory and lack of food sources. The fight may end up harmless, but sometimes also very brutal. The opponent may bleed to death and this may seem merciless to us, but that's how nature occasionally works. As a matter of fact, we tend to describe a merciless fight between humans as animal-like. Taking close-up pictures like these can be highly risky, as animals don't like any hindrance during their combats. For whatever reasons they may be fighting, this can injure the person or animal coming between them. Today we have come up with some dazzling shutterbug shots to inspire you and take you on a walk with us through the wild side. Enjoy with us some spectacular animal fighting moments! [fblike] Tiger Tiger Rams Having A Male Fight RAMS HAVING A MALE FIGHT Stag fight Stag fight attack the teeth attack the teeth I fly already I fly already Combat Combat. Iguana fight Iguana fight Fight Fight Rooster fight Rooster fight Tigers fighting Tigers fighting Grizzly fight Grrrrrrrr Grizzly fight Grrrrrrrr Play Fight Play Fight Fight FIGHT Geese Fight Geese Fight Fight Club Fight Club Red Panda Fight! Red Panda Fight! Corsac Foxes (Vulpes Corsac) Fighting, Hamerton Zoo Corsac Foxes (Vulpes Corsac) Fighting, Hamerton Zoo Hippos Fighting 2a Hippos Fighting 2a male impalas fighting male impalas fighting Round 1, FIGHT !!!!! Round 1, FIGHT !!!!! fight! fight! Fight! Fight! seal fight seal fight Fighting Elephants Fighting Elephants wild horses wild horses Fighting colors... Fighting colors... Incoming! Incoming! Fight Between Two Tigers FIGHT BETWEEN TWO TIGERS Fight Between Two Wolves FIGHT BETWEEN TWO WOLVES Kingbirds fighting Kingbirds fighting Fighting Kittens Fighting Kittens [fblike]

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  1. I didn’t realize how dangerous it was to for a photographer to watch two animals play fighting from the outside of a zoo enclosure. Thank you for warning me next time we trek to the wilderness of the SF Zoo.

  2. I was all, “Ooo, dramatic fight… Ooo, dramatic fight…”, and then I got to the red pandas. Even the kittens look more threatening. :)

  3. Striking shots! They’re so fantastic and realistic! Wild animals are fearful and beautiful at the same time.

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