Robert Bowen June 26th, 2012

Architectural Artistry: Showcase of Architectural Photography

With so many architectural marvels all around us, photographers often turn their lenses towards these structural models, and the results are often as wondrous as the architectural artistry they are capturing. So much tone and mood can be given to these lifeless constructs through the photographers’ skillful compositions or knowledgeable enhancements. Which is what we are showcasing today.

Below we have a brand new showcase of architectural photography that honors generations of builders and architects who have fashioned so many of the inspired structures that populate the landscapes. We hope you find the same creative charge from the collection as we did putting it together for you. Enjoy.

Architectural Artistry

Castle Neuschwanstein III by pingallery

Fushimi Inari Taisha Torii by imladris517

glasklar by icarus-ica

purple haze by Pete1987

Munich, Candidplatz by alierturk

…drawning… by felizuko

Essay Quedlinburg 2 by matze-end

Kollhoff Tower by MatthiasHaltenhof

Interwined by T1sup

in the transition by HeretyczkaA

Castle Ruins and Old Bridge in Heidelberg by pingallery

dubai lightstream by Fersy

Williams Hall by Metal-Bender

Lights above by lostknightkg

urban_0.1 by mekemee

Washington Metro by basvdheuvel

Beautiful Italy by Antoniettaa

Minimalism by Einsilbig

Lindesnes fyr, Lindesnes, Vest-Agder, Norway by Berg52

stairs by HeretyczkaA

elevator by Fersy

The Tide by paikan07

Tower by Top4

midnight church by DoWhoRanZone

Guangzhou Museum by WiDoWm4k3r

Venice Academica by A-Motive

Aireys Inlet Lighthouse by andrisinung

Palais Lobkowitz by focusgallery

From Dome to Dome by RealFantasy1

Bauhaus Museum 2 by MatthiasHaltenhof

Messe – Prater by Zouberi

domes of Zachatievsky monastery by Lyutik966

Flux Capacitor by Sllyvain

To Conclude

That finishes off the showcase, but your input is still needed to complete this architectural photographic journey. Let us know which of the pics were your favorites, or point us in the direction of some that you feel we may have overlooked.


Robert Bowen

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