Angie Bowen December 28th, 2011

Art in the Abstract: Showcase of Conceptual Photography

When artists get an idea poised for realization, there are many ways that they take these concepts and bring them to life. These artists, usually working in more abstract arenas, craft these concepts from their imaginations into the physical world by many means. Photography however, is not one of these areas that we tend to think of when it comes to more abstract and conceptual work. Photography to most is more concrete an artform, or at least that is how many of us tend to view it. But conceptual photography is a dynamic, thriving form of art that is worth taking note of.

Especially for those looking to be inspired by photography in new ways. These photographs are more thoughtful than just aesthetic. They are rooted in the artist’s vision and seek to get the wheels in your mind turning, not just impress and awe you with their astounding visuals. It is much more an intentional construct and composition designed to move and connect with the viewer in deeper more meaningful ways than most traditional photography.

Today we have a showcase of some very talented artists, who have brilliantly brought their visions into our reality through their conceptual photography creations. Take a look below, the inspiration is waiting for you.

Gallery of Creativity

trauma by waveystar

The Magic of Time by Julie de Waroquier

Untitled by Josefine Jonsson

take me to the stars by anjart

Out of death, comes life. by FingerTiips

By The Shape Of The Cloud by Kasperionis

Drained by KittyKitty-BangBang

Mindblowing news by Juhho

Spectator by white-white

I Don’t Fit This World by Julie de Waroquier

Prosper by Bucikah

Sky is the Limit by xToxicScreamx

Message in a Bottle by AlexAidonidis

the fleeter’s find. by Sea-of-Ice

Breaking The Surface by its-my-life96

solitude by serhatdemiroglu

where is the love by julkusiowa

Monologue Man by DorOthY-ShoES

Gotta Get Stung By Idea Bee by goRillA-INK

Tree by ElifKarakoc

Natural Light by Kateey

Bliss syringe by prosaix

obstruction by henriquefrazao

Contemplation by mrcool256

Breath Deep the Madness by MultiMan

Haunted by waveystar

Life Inside A Snow Globe by AimishBoy

On the Outside by zestkitten

Poison by fhrankee

the time i say goodbye by TrixyPixie

Careful by girltripped

stars in her eyes by Silmeria-sisi

I miss you by psychicLexa

– shelter – by A-T-I-S

87 by t-ufan

who am II by henriquefranzao

.Music. by ScENeYmE

The Way Down by gilad

deceptively yours by emeraldiris

Have You Smiled Today by oO-Rein-Oo


Angie Bowen

Angie Bowen is a freelance artist, designer and writer as well as a founding member and editor of the Arbenting Design Blog.


  1. Angie, just a fantastic set of pictures! I dont know what it is about the ,Bliss syringe by prosaix, image but I spent more than 5 minutes just staring at it. It seems almost poetic how technology/ development (* the light bulb) and then the flowers inside of it seem to me like a message that technology & man can exist together. Great collection!

  2. A great collection indeed! All of them are really great, I especially enjoy ‘Breaking The Surface’ for this great composition and fantastic colors making all look like a dream; and ‘The Way Down’ for this sensation of never ending stairs enhanced by this guy going down.

  3. Very inspiring collection! I’m really looking to raise the level of my game this year, and conceptual photography has recently piqued my interest. I love the limitless possibilities.

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