Noupe Editorial Team May 28th, 2012

Beauty Reflected: Collection of Reflection in Photography

There are many techniques that photographers use to enhance their pictures, though some focus on allowing their composition to bring most of the ‘wow’ factor to the works. With the aid of a variety of reflective surfaces, these talented photographers expand their pics, adding another layer to each piece. A layer that can really take the images to fantastic new places. Like in the collection below.

Today we have a showcase of wonderful shots taken with some of the beauty of the piece reflected for the viewer. So many creative ways reflection in photography can be highlighted and pulled off, that we felt it would be an inspiring collection for our readers. Here’s hoping that we are right.

Beauty Reflected

Morning at Situ Gunung II by juhe

Reflection of sorrow by WiciaQ

Staring At My Dream by oO-Rein-Oo

miss you by IgNgRez

Help me by Alephunky

Alpine Reflection by hikester

after it rains by Zaratops

Heaven and Hell by jay-peg

reflection by Basistka

Center of USSR by alexiuss

Almost… by kelc

Chasing pavements by iNeedChemicalX

Urbanidea by gilad

splash2 by BenoitPaille

Porsche 2L7 Carrera – Reflection

. Liquids . by livingdead01

Wuzhen by foureyes

final act by hotburito2

Eclipse Of My heart by BatDesignz

Tangolunda Bay by IvanAndreevich

Sun on ice by AniMal-e

I Know… by Alephunky

d e r e l i c t by nilgunkara

The night by EliseEnchanted

Reflecting The Old World by Nelleke

…ifI were the rain by foureyes

Alice-Looking Glass by Sugarrock99

Photographic Canvas by oO-Rein-Oo

Maybe I’ll Be A Daddy by Lady-Tori

Shimmer by EliseEnchanted

The Shape Of City Winter by gilad

Split second love by Noxire

Luminous by EliseEnchanted

Sunset by AntiSpy

Somewhere Down The Crazy River by gilad

Watermark by foureyes

reflection by The96th

urbanKeops2 _ the green desert by bosniak

Water Drop 2 by SquadGazZz

scandinavian summer blues by hotburrito2

To Conclude

The world is teeming with beauty to reflect, and this collection demonstrates just a fraction of it. What were some of your favorites from the showcase? Do you know of any other examples of reflection in photography that we might have missed out on here? Hit us up in the comment section with your thoughts.


Noupe Editorial Team

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  1. What a great collection of beautiful art pieces… all using a common theme of reflective and often refractive surfaces.


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