Robert Bowen June 19th, 2012

Colors of Summer: Summertime Photography and Color Palettes

With summer on the way, and with designers always looking for great color palettes to work from, we have decided to turn our inspirational spotlight towards the colors of summer. As we have done in the past, we went in search of some photos that have perfectly captured this season, and derived color palettes from these rich moments of summertime.

Below are the results of that effort. We have an inspiring showcase of images and resources gathered for our readers. With summer’s lively nature, we sought to capture that feeling in both the photos we chose and the color palettes created. We hope you enjoy the summertime photography and color palettes.

Colors of Summer

Summertime. by tOx1c-dOLLy

Summertime by fly10

Summertime by catch—22

Summertime by IndianRain

summertime by night-fate

Summertime by tomsumartin

Summertime by ksushiks

Summertime Kansas by billyunderscorebwa

Summertime in Ontario by IgorLaptev

It’s summertime by Kira87

Summertime by Rico24

Summertime by Lonolly

summertime by chazline

Summertime by pablolemper

summertime by johnberd (formerly TristanGreer)

Summertime by OirokenoJutsu

Summertime by DundalkChild

summertime by esiak

summertime by the-wabbit

SUMMERTIME by reesy1080

summertime by Mogwai0810

Summertime at The Oasis by lumi-nara

British Summertime by yellownoise

Catching Summertime… by LadyAliceofOz

summertime by sp333d1

summertime by unspent

Summertime by MrSangi

Lake Couchiching, Summertime by IgorLaptev

Summertime by A-Motive

Summertime by RomanticRevenge

Summertime by andzik69

Summertime by Emiliee91

summertime by IraNyaaasha

In the summertime by Kothek

Reflections by wanderlust-or-bust

Season’s End

That wraps up the showcase and resource collection for now, but the season’s end is still far away. Which of the photos and color palettes were your favorite? Do you have or know of any other examples of summertime photography that would make some nice color palettes? Use the comment section to let us know!


Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen is an emerging author, celebrated podcaster and poet, and most recently the co-founder and imaginative co-contributor of the creative design and blogging duo at the Arbenting and Dead Wings Designs.


  1. Love this :)

    Would be very cool to see visual representation of colors by prevalence… larger or smaller

  2. It would be cool if we we could get the hex/rgb values of each of these colours.

    Its raining here in England :(

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