Nataly Birch December 22nd, 2014

Creative Vandalism: Urban Street Art in Czech Republic

Considered to be an act of vandalism, defacement and even a despicable crime, Graffiti is a controversial type of art that, as a matter of fact, has already managed to win over numerous artists and spectators and has amassed a large army of minions and fans. While authorities and communities hotly debate about pros and cons of this urban branch of creative activity, being divided into two camps, its followers produce splendid and impressive artworks, which enlighten city streets and breathe new life into old, abandoned wastelands. Of course, not every piece is a masterpiece or even worth attention. There are lots of naïve, simple-minded and unremarkable examples of the modern variation of the ancient rock painting. However, there is still much to admire.

What is more, this kind of art is closely linked to social and political life as well as current events, so that there are cases when creatives employ this direction in order to vividly and graphically express their opinions and convey feelings and emotions. Depending on the country the street art can vary, and today we are going to take a look at urban art in the Czech Republic.

Walls 2013 #01

Author: lacmo

Walls 2013 #02

graffiti by lacmo
Author:  lacmo

Cesky Krumlov

cesky  krumlov
Author: Mary Warren

DDM Mural

dom mural
Author: Patrik Antczak

DANCE WALL /Fantasy Food vs. Graffiti/

radiant graffiti
Author: JAF 34 and Martin Wagner

MURAL IN DANCE HALL /Fantasy Dance Company/

dance wall 2
Author:  JAF 34

VROOOM!!! /The Wall of Sound/

Author:  JAF 34

Welcome to The Darkness

welcome to the darkness
Author: Mat?j Kvasni?ka


Author: Juanma Bonastre

GOOD Boy – Graffiti Session

good boy
Author: Marek Šidlovský


Author: Marek Šidlovský

Old Chimney

old chimney
Author: Marek Šidlovský

Skull in Zlín

skull in zlin
Author: Marek Šidlovský

John Lennon Graffiti Wall, Prague

john lenon wall
Author: laletracalma


Author: Steve

Street Art in Prague – Part 1 of 3

street art in prague part 1
Author: Paul Ratner

STREET ART by CageOne, Sian Shipley – Prague

street art by cageone

Street Art Prague – Artwork by Obic

street art by obic
Author: Obic

Street Art in Prague

urban art in Prague
Author: blissfarm

Street Scene with Public Art – Prague

street scene with public art
Author: Adam Jones


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