Robert Bowen January 2nd, 2012

Dynamic Look at Life: Collection of HDR Photography

As we have talked about in the past, photographers capture moments of life and present them to us in much more visually enhanced ways. Allowing a new tint to be laid atop the world as we traditionally know and experience it. Especially when those photographers turn to HDR. By increasing the range between the lights and darks of a set of images these artists create some truly breathtaking effects when those images are combined or enhanced.

So below we have a collection of HDR photography that is packed full with some truly inspiring imagery. From the more subtle examples of this technique to the more dramatic the showcase features quite a dynamic range of its own. We hope that there is a little inspiration waiting for each of our readers in the mix of works below.

The Collection


First Timelapse



Water lightbulb

Tallest Buildings in Dubai

The Gotic Church



Red Walls


Snake structure


Life is now


The Night of Light


Young boy riding trick on skateboard in city


Bubble hands

Night lights






Happy woman





Beach volley


Random party



Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen is an emerging author, celebrated podcaster and poet, and most recently the co-founder and imaginative co-contributor of the creative design and blogging duo at the Arbenting and Dead Wings Designs.


  1. wow this is a great thread. these are awesome and make me wanna get off my ass and make something cool too. thanx for the good work.

  2. Guess it’s just me, but so many examples in HDR photo showcases seem less like beautiful photography, and more like digital renderings; they’re nice, but feel artificial…like video game environments.

  3. Some okay examples here, but I don’t understand how people let their HDR shots be exposed to so much blooming, especially around key features, or simply taking it to the extreme.

    This post could quite easily be re-written to show the good, the bad and the downright ugly of HDR and what to/not to do.

    1. Completely agree, some are nice, and some make me (an amateur photographer cringe). I thought the Norway one was really nice but Atomium, eyk!

  4. I’m with Nathan and Mick, most of the examples are too artificial and don’t show the real benefit of HDR – the synergy of shadow and light environments.

  5. Hmmmm…. I often feel that subject matter and the level of HDR toning dictates the quality of the final picture. Some of the above simply don’t look that great, and yet some are very well excecuted.

    Matter of opinion i suppose, but I’m not massively keen on HDR.

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