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Flashes in the Dark: Low light Photography

Photographers put a lot of focus and emphasis on the lighting for their pictures. After all, lighting is a powerful instrument in setting the overall tone and feel of the piece. Even when there is very little light to work with. In fact, it is in these situations that the lighting can create extremely emotive and distinctive compositions for the pics.

Giving the shadows so much reign to run freely, carving interesting depths and crevaces into the pieces. This can also prove very tricky for photographers as some equipment does not work as well under these conditions, and cannot take sharp, clear photos without enough lighting. Though in some cases, as we can see in a select few below, this can also give the images more tone and texture that fits well with that particular composition.

Below is a brand new showcase of low light photography to help get our readers inspired. Enjoy!

Flashes in the Dark

Los Taxistas Tambien Tienan Su Corazoncito by Succexxyy

Low Light by anisatrisna

low light by qqhee

Brimming Alleyway by Jordanart4peace

A Jack toy by EidanNoon

River by cog513

Low Light by HarizArt

Shot in Low Light by timlee9932

Just Looking by Spells17

Desolation Station by TLY88

Low light by Ezardio1992

Kathryn’s Portrait by Alex Southward

Subway (Low Light) by Ruthanne Reid

Sailors conduct a low-light, live fire exercise…by Official Navy Page

Low light by Intrepid Wanderer

Holding the light by Dino Quinzani

night light by Kristin Charles-Scaringi

time for sepia by Bill Ohl

low light by Michael Kumm

DSC_2927 by Matt Donovan

Striped fish in low light by Thomas Quine

London by Night by Wfate

long_exp-1000373.jpg by keroism

Bridge by Kid-Bob

Gano starting fire by Bill S

Fireplace Ornament by H00dMan

Japanese Influenced Lanterns by Jordanart4peace

05/365 10/16/09 Really low light by William Booz

valves by shinius

RANC by Matt Donovan


Noupe Editorial Team

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  1. I like the mood in some of these; it seems the first is the only one with flash.

    There is an amatuer feel about alot of them, intended or not, it’s not always a bad thing. experimenting, sharing and recieving constructive criticism can only help you to get better.

    valves by shinius works for me, wouldn’t hurt from a bit more exposure but it’s fine.

    Japanese Influenced Lanterns by Jordanart4peace – I really like this, it has a great mood for me.

    long_exp-1000373.jpg by keroism – seems like a perfect exposure but i have no idea why the tripod was left to rest so close (but not quite) to the correct vantage point!!

    Kathryn’s Portrait is well lit, if a bit over dramatic but it’s taste after all and the mood is there.

    Sailors conduct a low-light, live fire exercise…by Official Navy Page – maybe just focus on the barrell explosion, the underexposed men really draw your eye when they shouldn’t

    Brimming Alleyway by Jordanart4peace – I like this, for this type of photography this works really well.

    A Jack toy by EidanNoon – I like this, great Depth of field.

  2. Wow! Nice shots! Very good Photography Skills! I like how fresh the outcome of the pictures, it seems like it was taken by an amateur but it seems to good for an amateur. The picture was taken like it was unscripted.

  3. Haha oh wow.. Thanks for featuring I guess… Never knew about this ’till I stumbled on it on Google.. That was taken with a rubbish compact camera but I liked it.. so thanks! ;) ..and no flash was used all I had was a light in the corner. :)

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