Noupe Editorial Team July 30th, 2012

Images from the Mind’s Eye: Showcase of Conceptual Photography

For many photographers, capturing an exquisite moment is the dream. For others, conveying an exquisite idea is what they set out to do through their pictures. That dream can be just as challenging, as concepts in your own mind may appear clearer than when presented to others. But even if the interpretation isn’t spot on, conceptual photography can still prove to be an overly inspiring medium.

Today we hope to tap into that well of inspiration for our readers through this showcase of conceptual photography. These highly interpretive and, at times, abstract photos are born from the imaginations of the photographers, and below are the realizations of these images from the mind’s eye. Take a look through these stunning photos and bathe in the beauty they have to offer.

Images from the Mind’s Eye

Le moustache by lieveheersbeestje

i saw that by Shutter-Shooter

The only way by naked-in-the-rain

:feel the music: by candymax

Imaginarium by Obsessed-by

Last seconds of light by Invi-Light

Samantha by triciavictoria

The Rite by Nelleke

aRt by shljivo

ARL.06 by MohamedTalaat

Fly with me by Alessia-Izzo

Syringed love by prosaix

Like a lady by ScarletteDeath

Shadow of the past – I by cuzco07

Escape from myself by Julie-de-Waroquier

No Directions by girltripped

Invaders by syda-ginger

The Chair Project by uglybug

Colorful Urban Surpassing by oO-Rein-Oo

Life over Death by MD-Arts

Gift for you. by Lukreszja

A Photographer’s Provocation by kittycrime

day seventeen by mary-by

||||-/\-|||| by y5y6

underscore by henriquefrazao

home by loganart

closed by sternenfern

Bigfoot by BlackJack0919

last puff by Altingfest

Notes on a Dream by MD-Arts

Departure Of Dimensional Foresights by oO-Rein-Oo

Razorblade by Pelicanh

Papers everywhere 3.14 by DorottyaS

bed time story II by felixheru

m e l a n c h o l y by cemalsamli

The Collection’s End

Now this collection has wound down to its end, but that doesn’t mean that we are finished. Now that we are armed with inspiration, we can get to work and use that creative charge. What were some of your favorites from this collection? Leave your thoughts below.


Noupe Editorial Team

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