Noupe Editorial Team August 6th, 2012

Living in the City: Showcase of City Life Photography

Photographers capture life happening all around them, and no where is that easier to do than on the bustling city streets the world over. City life is depicted in photographs in numerous ways, and carrying varying tones. But regardless of which direction the photographers come at it from, city life photography is a vibrant, often energetic segment of the field.

Below is a new collection that we have compiled for our readers to help bring a little inspiration into their days. So many perfect captures of the feel of the city streets, and the energy the cities impart. Take a look through these inspirational offerings, and tour the city life photography we’ve found.

Living in the City

Austria Kufstein, The Challenge by alierturk

perspective by arbebuk

The Creed by IsacGoulart

Jogging in London by Pajunen

Le journal – Block DCLVIII by bwiti

Cable Car by Deeevilish

Strade di Roma by AilishNi

City by snowdroplets

East London by xthumbtakx

Alley by kangmlee

Chicago Bean 2 by arnaudperret

Fresh Juices by ShellyBad

Venice – Filtered Light by EricForFriends

Yokohama chinatown by starshinedaydream

169 by paikan07

5th Avenue Rush by ordre-symboligue

Where I Mostly Take Photos by dincturk

Grisignana by The-Beckett

Peek Through by d-igitalsuicide

Le journal – Block DCLIII by bwiti

A sloping road by kanes

City streets by frosty456

Shade by ShellyBad

Times Square by BlueGal16

Tiny Freo by ShesABromide

Carnival by Tomoji-ized

Let’s walk by zwox

Water street by snowphoenix2006

Hello Atlanta by Delfinatorx671

Turkish Bath by dincturk

Where the Sidewalk Ends

That wraps up this end of the collection, but that doesn’t mean the post is finished. Now we turn it over to you. What were some of your favorites from the showcase? Do you know of any other photos that perfectly capture city life around the world that weren’t featured? Leave us a comment and let us know.


Noupe Editorial Team

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  1. Great pictures.
    I was wondering. The picture with the taxi moving, does suck pictures have names?
    Pictures where everything stands still but one thing like the taxi that is moving..

    Thx in advance

  2. HDR photos were interesting when they started becoming popular a couple of years ago. Now, HDR is being overdone.

  3. The photos are wonderful. It reminded me of a collection of 20 photos documenting Vancouver’s history that I recently saw in the West Vancouver Archives. As you say it’s amazing to observe the feel of the city streets now and then and to compare the buildings that have sometimes undergone major transformations as the years passed by.

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