Noupe Editorial Team April 27th, 2012

Night Moves: A Collection of Night-Life Photography

Life tends to move by at a pretty fast pace, this is not a secret to most. However, there are a few who have yet to discover that often times, at night, life moves even faster. When photographers turn their lenses towards the majesty that life has to offer for moments to capture, it is often stunning. When those lenses capture the night-life, the results tend to be purely magical.

Below is a new showcase of a mere slice of that magic. We have collected a sampling of night-life photography that demonstrates more than just the artistry of the photographers featured, but also the speed at which life can move at night. Inspiration awaits…

Night Moves

3943443_orig by Christian Robotti

piccadilly by night by Calliopedoll

cup in the night by saberYUKI

Valencia. 17 by albiita

Boston Foot Patrol In Colorless Times by kukikid

Chicago City Lights by amandameadows

propping up the bar by gunners1967

Neons by CoFFeeZomBee

night life in istanbul by ekimcak21


9927830 by Christian Robotti

City Life by Xx-kage-tsuki-xX

Play of (street)lights! by pranav03

Night life by Sientje-sk8ergirl

Times Square by photoman356

Bayonne by night by Abylone

Night Shift by Kecko

Saturday Night by Wadcutter

London Tower Bridge at Night by TheLovingKind89

singapore night lights II by flatline06

1835652 by Christian Robotti

night life by mikroslavo

Night Life by DemensLab

Night Life by livenover

sevilla by night XI by Sambukina

City night life by KenanBeaumont

City night life by Un-Worst

In the Pub by Leitman

. by azncheese

Perth City by syac90


Noupe Editorial Team

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  1. Photography concept is very beautiful it’s help me to use it at somewhere else… really great collection thanks for sharing it

  2. This is a great job. Congrats for the one who made them. I am a webdesigner and I am very impressed of these photographs. Can I use them on my project? one more think, can someone recommend me a collection that doesn’t have problems with the license? Cheers, waitin for your reply!

    1. Hi Marina…

      The collection is made by the editorial team, and yes thanks to them, indeed. I just wish that they would save the pictures in one place, as they are using them for “editorial purposes” – they’re not redistributing. If you want to use them in your projects, you will have to check the licenses of each photo. It gets a bit frustrating when you have to open 50 links, each of them with their own license hidden somewhere in the site. Marina, you could check out; they have a fair collection of photography packs, and all files are free for commercial use.
      P.S. My personal favorite is the Chicago skyscraper skyline with the beautifully caught fireworks explosion.

  3. A beautiful array of images here. Night photography has become far easier with Digital photography, although it does take away the “anticipation”

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