Robert Bowen October 31st, 2011

Photography Inspiration: Color Palettes of Fall

Over the summer we put together a couple of photography posts where we created color palettes to accompany each of the pics. With the fall kicking off a sweeping change of nature’s color palette, we thought we would turn our inspirational spotlight once more in this direction. So with this mission in mind, we collected a range of new autumn photographs from some talented artists, and derived color palettes from them.

Welcome to the Color Palettes of Fall! Below are over thirty beautiful photos that have captured nature during this seasonal transition with exclusive color palettes that our readers can use to create any of their autumnal designs. Armed with these natural color palettes, we hope to give our readers more than just an inspirational recharge, we hope they will find this a useful resource as well.

The Pics and Palettes

Lonely Path by iNintendork

three bucks running by gorillameister

597 by beautyinchains89

firebird by celestialwinds

Field by HeavenCondemned

moon over canyon ferry by gorillameister

East of Joseph by austinboothphoto

Endless Fields by Tiffa-Riika

Serenity by iNintendork

Jiuzhaigou – Arrow Bamboo Lake by stinebamse

Autumn by XxDarkColourxX

10.9.11 Panther Mtn by PeteZa88

Coldwarm by Vesperal

Beautiful Fall Day by sgt. slaughter

Colors in Waterfall by lica20

Leafy by xVani

Autumn Leaves by LouisTN

Early Autumn by ElderAmaranthine

cool tree by jasonxyzabc

Harvest Pumpkin by PintabianDreamer1222

Dead Lands by lollolbe

Vibrance by gummehbearlol

Autumn Sunset by DelphiRose

Autumn Panorama by KurgerBurger

Sweet Chestnut by Withabix

The Light Between the Trees by CODsnyper

A Dry Summer Breeze by Pure-Lucidity

Frame of Trees by ImaginingJackie

Sprinkles by PhotoBri25

The Last of Autumn by PhotoBri25

Fall Colors at Cuyuna II by Tarsurion

2011 fall woods 81 by Modernmilk

235 by levinsa

Barnes Creek 2011 by IrishGirl72


Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen is an emerging author, celebrated podcaster and poet, and most recently the co-founder and imaginative co-contributor of the creative design and blogging duo at the Arbenting and Dead Wings Designs.


  1. I am in the works of creating a new website. These color palettes might come in handy. Im not making a “fall” website, but I like the color choices.

  2. Your work is always fascinating. Color palettes are helpful in decorating and painting; much appreciated.

  3. I really love those palettes. Great idea. Autumn is always moving, in an almost sad way to me. Out with the old, in with the new.

    Liked the shot of ‘Panther Mountain’. The bushes gave it a nice framed look.

    I’d love to know how exactly you made those palettes. I’m guessing the dropper tool in Photoshop played some part in it.

    Digital Dave

  4. Those are some really greaty Autumn shots.

    I live in the UK and we’ve had a very strangely warm October (especially warm for us and I believe the warmest on record) In fact it’s the 1st of November today and it’s 17 degrees C. As a result it’s meant that nearly all the trees still have their leaves on but it seems to have given them far more colour than usual. I think it’s because there are simply more leaves.

    Either way I have been taking some incredible photo’s and it’s nice to see some one else taking advantage. Well done.

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