Robert Bowen September 27th, 2012

Refracted: 34 Unusual Underwater Photographs

To celebrate the start of Google’s underwater Street View efforts, we have collected quite a few pictures we’re sure you’ll never find there. But wouldn’t it be a surprise if you did? We had that kind of bycatch a few years ago, when it came to the first iteration of Street View already. Perhaps they accidentally caught some fish with their pants down this time? We don’t know…

There are so many ways that the world around us can take on a whole new look with a little change in perspective. This is one of the things that photographers specialize in. Applying that perspective for us through their artistic captures, underwater photography is a prime example of this. When photographers take their cameras below the surface of the water, so many amazing things can happen. And so many amazing pictures can surface.

Below we have a collection that is sure to inspire, that is filled with stunning photographs captured underwater. From the wildlife that rules over the underwater kingdom, to the models and fashion submerged into the water’s depths to bring new life and context to their artistry, photographers produce some breathtaking pieces by simply looking beneath the surface.

Refracted: Surprise Is Everywhere, Even In The Calm Of The Ocean

Underwater by Le-Voyageur

Star by ElenaKalis

Underwater by BlackMageAlodia

Underwater Ballerina by Burnouthappy (photo by Whitney Allen Photography)

Underwater by The-Harvest

Underwater by xBatx815

Hannah underwater in Cebu by HannahMermaid (photo by Michael Gleissner)

Underwater Dance 11 by Vitaly-Sokol

in another world by Ilse Moore

Underwater creatures :) by Ionutzoi

Be Happy by ShellyBad

Underwater Bride. by ElenaKalis

Underwater Magi – Jafal by Choumai

I AM UNDERWATER by cuzsleepisforweak

Underwater Tales by mysterious-emerald

Sleep in the water by Kerokie

Blubber by Rockroehre (photo by Andreas Wensauer)

Underwater Coke by J-L-Houle

polar bear by nas1234567890

… by Wikutoru

Underwater by SupremeGnomeRuler

WaterColors by ElenaKalis

Toothy (host) Goby by DaniBarchana

Underwater Fashion Photography by jeremy-jean

Pool 2012 by suki-w

artic light by Pink-Promise

Weaving Light by Raineater

Ceto by SnickerdoodleAngel

Red Sea Mimic Blenny by DaniBarchana

Grey Reef Shark by Vitaly-Sokol

The Spirit of Galatea III by Ilse Moore

colours underwater by Himmelsfalter

Diving (Underwater) by JunKarlo

Elegy by Narchuk

To Dry Land

Now that we have headed back to dry land, we are turning the post over to the readers. Take the comment section and fill it with your thoughts on these underwater photographic explorations, or with links to some other pieces that you turn to for underwater inspiration.


Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen is an emerging author, celebrated podcaster and poet, and most recently the co-founder and imaginative co-contributor of the creative design and blogging duo at the Arbenting and Dead Wings Designs.


  1. This is hate. I’m a guy who lives on ground and we have on ground awesome photos too.
    Damn you aquatic living beings!
    I want love too :(

  2. simply incredible work.. I need to get that underwater housing I’ve been dreaming of ASAP!

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