Robert Bowen May 4th, 2011

Showcase of Fabulous Foggy Photographs for Your Inspiration

In the design world, one type of sought after resource centers around that misty natural special effect called fog or smoke. Look around and you will see numerous textures, brushes, and tutorials all focusing on capturing that vaporesque element in our work. So today we thought we might take this fascination one step further, and take it into the realm of inspiration. [fblike] Below is a collection of fabulous photographs that capture this desired design element in its natural habitat, so to speak. From across the globe photographers have kept their engaging eyes on the skies, waiting to find those perfect moments to capture the fog pouring from the atmosphere and sweeping across the landscapes. Armed with various techniques and and styles, from Macro to HDR and beyond, they charge forward lenses at the ready. A sampling of the end result is amassed for all of your inspirational recharging needs. We hope you enjoy.

Gettin' Foggy With It

Fog Over Istanbul Skyscrapers by John Walker

Sun, Hills & Fog - Marin Headlands by Mike Behnken

Morning Fog by stlasidylko

Winter's Fog 3 by kubicki

Large Format Study N. 36 by rachel_thecat

Cyclist in Morning Mist by Hartwig HKD

Morning Bromo #2 by Prayoga D. Widyanto

Rinpoche's Tree by Hartwig HKD

LOST in the MIST (Explored) by Yogendra Joshi

Into the Fog by Jim Crossley

Early Morning Mist by Kasia

Foggy Dreamscape by Mike Behnken

Viaggio a Norcia fog over the tableland Castelluccio by pizzodisevo

Fog without HDR by Fido

Early morning fog by Ron Reiring

Fog over Century City by Marty Bower

Leland River Fog by Andrew MacFarlane

Fog, Golden Gate Bridge by Bev Sykes

Sailboat in the fog by RVWithTito

Fog rolls in by John Haslam

Fog, Mist by Hamish

fog 3 by l'horloger

Fog in Yosemite National Park by Leon Weber

Fog on the James River by Tony Alter

Mt. Tam - Rolling Fog by Brendan Landis

fog by mezuni

Fog by Lorenzo Andrioli

FOG by Tim Patterson

Fog Layers by George Foster

Fog Rolling Over Pampas Grass, Pine Tree by danagraves

Fog - 09/27/2007 Morning by Eric Heath

Fog Over The River by CoreBurn

Fog Downtown by Steve Paluch

Deer Fog by soupstance

Fog by Dani

Fog by Jim Crossley

Seattle Fog by Zach Den Adel

Fog Ocean Sunset by Mike Behnken

Fog falling over mountain slopes by Horia Varlan

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Robert Bowen

Robert Bowen is an emerging author, celebrated podcaster and poet, and most recently the co-founder and imaginative co-contributor of the creative design and blogging duo at the Arbenting and Dead Wings Designs.


  1. Some really amazing pictures in here. Living in Scotland I’m blessed with views this good every day so I think I’ll need to get up early this weekend and go out in hunt for some equally amazing photographs!

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