Robert Bowen September 21st, 2011

Showcase of Fabulous Underwater Photography

When in search of inspiration, one recipe that tends to always produce successful results is to look at the world around you in a different light, so to speak. This flipped perspective can often lead our thinking and creative processes out of the box, as we see things differently than we normally would. Photographers are fantastic at doing this with a simple location change. By taking their subjects and submerging them in water, or seeking them out under the sea, photographers make some truly stunning captures.

Welcome to our inspirational showcase of underwater photography. These photographers provide a look at a world that we tend to not have access to, and they breathe new perspective into areas we regularly turn to for inspiration, all by taking their lens beneath the surface of the water. We hope you enjoy these often breathtaking and emotive captures.

The Submerged

Dancing Underwater by kenvinpinardy

Underwater 7 by RyanlinOnyx

Underwater by teresa-lynn

Underwater Romance by SonjaMY

UnderWater by Adripics

Underwater Love by Benegesseritt

Underwater Rose 1 by Gimp-artist

Underwater Fashion Shoot 3 by CalciumBirdy

Underwater Portrait 9 by pinuprock

Underwater 2 by foto-agencja

Alice by Bethem

Pearl Shell by borda

.UnderWater. by lectral

8 Lit and in Love by Kai-Tea

Underwater View by Vamaena

Underwater 1 by Momokitty1992

W by adityapudjo

Underwater Reach by Senshisoldier

The Perfect Pose by adityapudjo

Underwater by gemmylostx3

Underwater by foto-agencja

Spring Shake by naked-in-the-rain

Under the Sea

Underwater Dream by nunovix

Jellyfish Munch by Kimbell

Underwater World by nelersa

Underwater in Egypt by Ronald Eliassen Hole

Lagoon, Underwater, Fiji 4 by Derek Keats

Underwater by Oliver Ruhm

Underwater by hosszuka

My Underwater Gardens by VirtualWords

Underwater Beauty by jaris1425

Hawaiian Turtle by manaphoto

The Penguin Dip by SubterfugeMalaises

Galapagos Islands Underwater 3 by Ruth-Yang

Underwater by dimmywho

Underwater by redtrain66

Leafy Sea Dragon by $ewm

Underwater 2 by h4nn4h


Robert Bowen

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