Obaid ur Rehman January 11th, 2011

Stunning Vexel Artwork


  1. Some are cool. Not sure why most are vexel, when almost all of them can be created completely vector in Illustrator or similar software?

  2. These vexels are amazing! I’ve see a few of these before and they always take my breath away. The new ones I saw that I really like were the “Kingdom Hearts” one & the “Emotionless”. Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing these with us.

    – Chaz –

  3. Vexel Art at its best, these are so stunning, specially The pillow fight by cafeteriastudio. Excellent post !

  4. I agree with Gwen. Most of this is unremarkable, and some of it is just pretty bad, unless they were done by kids in junior high school or something (?).

    I also agree with Jay as to why these being “vexel” are anything really special or unique?

    The cartoony illustration ones are well done, and marketable, but the technique is not anything to fawn over. They’re just nice illustrations.

    The first Skyline render is nicely done and if he can find a market for that kind of a thing, best of luck to him.

    The rest of it… none would impress me if it came across my desk in a resume portfolio, sorry!

    1. I would have to agree, there are a few nice images, the Nissan Skyline deserving a mention… but on a whole, not impressed.

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