Angie Bowen April 2nd, 2012

That Distant Horizon: A Showcase of Landscape Photography

With the changing of the seasons, our thoughts tend to drift to the outdoors. Especially after winter’s long visit has kept many locked up inside far away from the reach of the season’s chill. Many of us are absolutely bursting at the seems waiting for the weather to be right, and for spring to breath its life into the landscapes. Through photography we can be granted something of an early exit.

Today we fix our inspirational radar towards the arena of landscape photography to help our readers find the ignition to their own creative sparks. Below is a beautiful collection of photographers works that bring the splendor of the outdoors right to you. Regardless of the weather. We hope that you will enjoy this showcase.

That Distant Horizon

Mirkwood by Nelleke

day seven by arbebuk

Middle Earth by IvanAndreevich

Stairs to the fog by miirex

Mysterious Earth by Ian-Plant

Fiery Momentum by Lavaspawn

A Place For Dreams by MaximeCourty

Spring Fling by htdcam81

Cydonia Sunrise by joerossbach

the golden by wolf-minori

Rophaien by to-richter

Cotton Candy Sunset by StevenDavisPhoto

Road To The Sky by kkart

Vermillion dawn by islandtime

Last Moment by IvanAndreevich

Sacral Sunlight by Lavaspawn

Over The Hill by Nelleke

Paradise Lost by Ian-Plant

Woodland Enchantment by MaximeCourty

Bachalp by to-richter

Yosemite Falls by StevenDavisPhoto

Skies Of A Summer Sunset by kkart

Summer longings by Northstar76

From sweet Bukovina by lica20

Castle BLaze by Dee-T

borderland by CaveCanem42

On the edge of winter by Amygdala85

Woerlitzer Park – Sun Bridge by pingallery

North of Arundel by Fuzzypiggy

last light by vincentfavre

Sonoran vista by htdcam81

Wasdale Valley by Capturing-the-Light

Other Side by IvanAndreevich

Caught by an Ent by Lavaspawn

Heavy On My Heart by Nelleke

The Prophet’s Call by Ian-Plant

Cold Winter Mist by MaximeCourty

Matterhorn by to-richter

The North Rim by StevenDavisPhoto

Beauty In Chaos by kkart


Angie Bowen

Angie Bowen is a freelance artist, designer and writer as well as a founding member and editor of the Arbenting Design Blog.


  1. These are an amazing collection; most of these look like they were taken at sunrise. Gotta get up early to do something like that! Thank you so much, Angie, for putting this great collection together!!

  2. All of these photos are totally amazing and a source of inspiration for me but you could also show us some urban landscape photos. I’ve always been a fan of rural landscape but now I’m trying to devote a lot of my free time to capturing the beat of urban life and I find it just as rewarding and maybe even more interesting.

  3. Amazing photos…amazing light! Thanks so much for sharing your photo collection. Nature is too beautiful not to share, right?

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