Nataly Birch May 30th, 2012

Through the Lens: Emotive Portraits Revealing Cameras’ Souls

Plenty of people underestimate the power and significance of a camera, writing it off as a nothing but a small hand-held tool. However, this sleek device not only captures high-quality photos of everyday moments, but it also expands the boundaries of the art. Like with anything involved in the creative process, cameras, as well as the person behind it, invests a part of itself to the creation of a photo. Even though common belief maintains that inanimate objects do not have a soul, some enthusiastic photographers seem prove the opposite. Of course, human imagination and the ability to envision a final result play a significant role, but when they are put in front of the lens the cameras' souls are revealed. Just take a look at first picture below, can you not see the sadness in its lens? Certainly, not everyone will immediately see that little something special in these ordinary devices, but with the proper composition, these artists show nothing is impossible. Many different interpretations can be taken away, but regardless of what you get from them, this collection shows the various faces of cameras' souls. In the collection below, we have gathered photos that were created by passionate people, who are eager not only to pay tribute to cameras by creating these portraits of them, but to also try and reveal the souls of the devices.

Portraits of Cameras

1. The Brownie Camera Club by pixelmama The Brownie Camera Club 2. Camera & Tea by Seqqat camera and tea 3. C L A C K by Kimberly Chorney C L A C K camera 4. Mr. Vario by snaperture Mr Vario 5.  Dad's Old Camera - Yashica-Mat Copal-MXV by SRHart Dad's Old Camera - Yashica-Mat Copal-MXV 6.  Camera and Strawberries by Ula Camera and Strawberries 7. Happy Sliders Sunday by fionajonesphotography Happy Sliders Sunday 8. Ciro flex by Ryan Maine Ciro flex 9. Paillard Bolex B8 Cine Camera by inkyfingerz Paillard Bolex B8 Cine Camera 10. Kodak Brownie Flash IV in the dock by lumowerkx Kodak Brownie Flash IV 11. Old Camera by dream_wave the old Camera 12. day 5: the camera by Celine Taylor the camera 13. Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Sonar Onestep by dpup Polaroid SX 70 14. Camera one, camera two by marchellem Camera one, camera two 15. Kodak Brownie Flash IV by lumowerkx Kodak Brownie Flash IV 16. Keirs camera by my lovely life through a lens Keirs camera 17. Una cámara con mucha historia by nashkita Una cámara con mucha historia 18. De vacaciones con mi cámara by nashkita De vacaciones con mi cámara 19. Baby Brownie Camera by Charlotte Dee  Baby Brownie Camera 20. Polaroid 1000 Land Camera and Polatronic 1 Flash by Arty Smokes polaroid 1000 land camera 21.  Cyclops Bokeh 325/365 by EspressoTime Cyclops Bokeh 325/365 22.  Camera in grass by Franz B. Photography  camera in grass 23. My Kiev 4a by Mathijs Delva 24. Pornstar by + Yusuf + Pornstar by Yusuf 25. Kodak Brownie Box Camera Balancing Act by Inspiredphotos 26. Ansco camera by Jessica Rose Ansco Camera 27. The Camera is a Sketch Book by Amanda Mabel the camera is a sketch book

Cameras' Hearts Wide Open or Not?

\ Studying the collection above you should definitely notice different states of mind and abstract concepts, that were hidden in the images. Loneliness (pic.5), friendship (pic.14), unity (pic.25) or even friskiness (pic.18). By now you should realize that cameras can not only capture everyday moments, they could also be inspiring, attractive and vivid by themselves. Do let us know your favorite portrait, or maybe you have several beloved shots of your own? Also, it will be interesting to know, what kind of feelings have been evoked while exploring this roundup? We hope to hear your opinion! (rb)

Nataly Birch

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  1. What a great collection of photos!

    I recently acquired myself an old Olympus OM-1 and took a similar set of photos (one of them is now a permanant fixture on my desktop screen) but now that I have one camera I find myself always looking out for more.

    The fun is in the finding.

  2. “Brownie Flash.”

    Bring back creative, fun names for camera models, I say! Enough of this alpha-numeric jibberish.

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