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World of Fantastic Pictures: 5 Photographers Worthy of Your Attention

Nowadays getting your hands on a professional camera isn’t as hard a task as it was just ten years ago. Any number of people can buy a camera and take a shot. But to own a professional camera is not enough to be a great photographer. Fantastic pictures often come from the years of experience and hard work of those trained pros who know all the technical aspects of creating or capturing the perfect pic. Today we want to share some amazing pictures from a few photographers who create true masterpieces. Each of them have their own style, professional techniques and experience. The only thing which connects all the photographers together is a great love of the art. You just need one glance at their beautiful images to realize that they were made by a master's hand.

Isac Goulart

Isac Goulart is a Brazilian photographer, whose pictures are incredibly colorful and full of life. It’s a great talent to be able to turn those ordinary daily moments into fantastic pictures. He has been a photographer for almost ten years, since he bought his first camera in 2002. Isac prefers to work with color photography. His main genre is a mixture of landscape and waterscape together with people’s portraits. The artist’s greatest passion is to capture the incredible beauty of nature and human interaction with it. Usually, he likes to photograph silhouettes and spontaneous portraits in a sunset. Isac is a photographer by vocation, but photography is just a hobby. He works as an English teacher for university age students. He thinks that the biggest difficulty in photography is the pursuit of inspiration and the process of catching the perfect moment. The implementation, or execution, in photography is a skill that can be acquired only with time, but without creativity or precise timing, it is usually weak and ineffective. Trust in Me Isac Goulart photo Miami Isac Goulart photo Deliverance Isac Goulart photo Venice Isac Goulart photo Hold My Hand Isac Goulart photo Colosseo Isac Goulart photo Coca Cola Summer Isac Goulart photo Window Seat to Hawaii Isac Goulart photo Westminster Isac Goulart photo Cloud Gate II Isac Goulart photo Venezia III Isac Goulart photo World's Apart Isac Goulart photo The Artist Isac Goulart photo Waiting II Isac Goulart photo Chicago Blues Isac Goulart photo Dreaming Wide Awake Isac Goulart photo Hold Me Close Isac Goulart photo

Evgeni Dinev

Evgeni Dinev is a Bulgarian photographer. His creative career began in 2007. He seeks to capture the world's many beautiful landscapes, but in his own artistic way. Transforming homeliness into the sublime is the result of great patience and the effort he exerts. Evgeni keeps up his search for fascinating new landscapes to capture. He bought his first DSLR camera in 2005, but started shooting more seriously 2-3 years later. His favourite genre is landscape photography. Beyond photography, he is fond of web design. Evgeni has been a freelancer for more than 10 years. Searching for a good place and the the right time for a shot is the most difficult for Evgeni. When he has a chance for a good photo he knows for sure the best way to capture it. Fishing Boat Evgeni Dinev photo Divine Beams Evgeni Dinev photo Before the Flood Rain Evgeni Dinev photo Tree of Life Evgeni Dinev photo Alien Evgeni Dinev photo Thunderstorm Evgeni Dinev photo Invincible Evgeni Dinev photo Hidden Green Evgeni Dinev photo Church Under the Rainbow Evgeni Dinev photo Costa Quebrada Evgeni Dinev photo Splendid Winter Sunrise Evgeni Dinev photo

Marco Pandullo

Marco Pandullo is an Italian photographer. He graduated from the International School of Photography in Florence. All the degrees have no sense without the talent, but Marco is a talented person for sure. His pictures were made to blow your mind. They are full of sensuality and naked emotions. He started to photograph as a self-taught artist five years ago. His desire is to create something between fashion and slight-eroticism in his photography. He also likes to take portraits as well, but when he wants to experiment with something new or get paid for his work, he works with various kinds of photos. He has never had much difficulty in searching for the idea for a shoot, but does encounter some issues when there's no "feeling" between him and a model or a team. If they couldn't understand what he saw in his mind, everything became more difficult, and that's why he is not so good with words as with pictures. Dancer Lisa I Marco Pandullo photo First Time Lucrezia I Marco Pandullo photo First Time Lucrezia II Marco Pandullo photo Juska I Marco Pandullo photo Portraits I Marco Pandullo photo Portraits II Marco Pandullo photo Portraits III Marco Pandullo photo Dancer Lisa II Marco Pandullo photo Old Marco Pandullo photo Food Marco Pandullo photo Hadamorgana Marco Pandullo photo Oceano Marco Pandullo photo

Angela Lumsden

Angela Lumsden has been doing photography since 2009. She is quite young in this field, but her works are really cute. Angela likes photographing people. She prefers portraits, environmental portraits, children’s portraits, whimsical images, conceptual images and images with some element of humour. Angela’s works are bright, kind and incredibly dreamlike. When you look at them, it seems like you are going back to childhood, and it feels so welcoming. Angela also works as a doctor. Sometimes the implementation of the ideas become the main problem she faces in her work. Angela has a huge list of ideas for photos, but there are a few difficult parts like finding the time, an appropriate location and having willing models to get the shots done. 246 | 365 Angela Lumsden photo 7 | 52 Angela Lumsden photo 13 | 52 Angela Lumsden photo 326 | 365 Angela Lumsden photo 346 | 365 Angela Lumsden photo 163 | 365 Angela Lumsden photo 164 | 365 Angela Lumsden photo 20 | 52 Angela Lumsden photo 207 | 365 Angela Lumsden photo 263 | 365 Angela Lumsden photo 170 | 365 Angela Lumsden photo 309 | 365 Angela Lumsden photo 137 | 365 Angela Lumsden photo 176 | 365 Angela Lumsden photo 188 | 365 Angela Lumsden photo 251 | 365 Angela Lumsden photo

Alexander Dragunov

Alexander Dragunov is a Russian photographer. He bought his first DSLR camera in 2007 when he realized that it was really hard to get good pictures using anything else. He focuses on cities, architecture and landscapes. He travels a lot and always takes his gear with him. For the last few months he was trying to do some street photography, because it's an area with great potential for fantastic results. Alexander’s pictures express his great love of nature, and thanks to their colors, create a special mood. He is also a software architect from Saint-Petersburg, but for the last few years he lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Alexander believes that the most difficult issue is to be different from other photographers, and to find one's own unique style. He said, he’s not quite there yet. Alexander is just an ordinary traveling photographer, but he’s on the right road to success. The implementation for him is something secondary. Always remember, first of all you have to know what you want, and after that find the appropriate gear to execute the idea. Another Subway Car in Stockholm Alexander Dragunov photo Tea Lover Alexander Dragunov photo AT-AT Walker Alexander Dragunov photo The Field Alexander Dragunov photo Back to the Future Alexander Dragunov photo A Subway Car in Stockholm Alexander Dragunov photo Monochrome view Alexander Dragunov photo Fishing Alexander Dragunov photo Hjulsta Alexander Dragunov photo Vatican stairs Alexander Dragunov photo

All For Now

Hope you enjoy the collection of fantastic pictures. Hopefully it contains a little something for everyone. Which of the photographers do you like the most and why? Feel free to leave a comment below and to share your thoughts. (rb)


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  1. Amazing images, I wish I was a bit better at taking pictures but hardly as good as the authors of these brilliant ones are :)

  2. Amazing photographers and excellent collection of pictures. I love the reflection on the aviators of the little boy. JUST AWESOME

  3. well, those pix are great, really…

    Only, being a photographer myself I think most of them are pictures, not photos. You might call me conservative but I really don’t like using the term ‘photo’ anymore when photoshop is used to such extents.

  4. Amazing collection Pavlushka !!!! Thanks for posting them. I’m a hobby photographer and I did learn many new ways of taking a pic. Though a lot of photoshop is used in these pics but still like them loads. I would like to replicate them naturally without using any software to edit them.

    Thanks again Pavlushka !!!

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