Vitaly Friedman September 30th, 2010

100 Useful Free Textures

In Web design, texture is one of those elements that are widely used by designers, yet often hardly noticed by users. We don’t see them is because they usually remain in the background and supporting the overall design. Used primarily for background images, they need to fit to the overall design making the content easier to perceive.

Textures are not necessarily used in fashion-related or grungy websites; more often they are applied subtly to lend a personal tone to otherwise lifeless and faceless design elements. Textures are also often be used in combination with other elements such as typography, lighting and colors. They are most common for backgrounds, but are also use to fresh up a flat and boring appearance of design elements. Texture adds dimension to virtually any style of design, if applied properly. They also add a certain level of realism, creating a less formal, more inviting and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that reflects our environment — after all, plain flat surfaces rarely exist in reality.


You can find some examples of textures applied to web design.

Grunge Style

Metal & Metallic Texture

Wood Textures

Cloth & Fabric

Drains Textures

Wall Textures

Paper & Cardboard Textures

Tiles & Patterns Textures




  1. This is a really great post with a LOT of great resources. I am bookmarking this right now. Very nice!

  2. In checking out some of these, it’s clear that some are not free for use on anything other than a personal blog that does not earn an income… so use on personal blogs with ads or sponsors is even prohibited. It’s fine to add a disclaimer to check license agreements, but I must say it’s disheartening to waste time checking out items listed in a ‘free for personal or commercial use’ post only to be let down repeatedly. It’s a waste of time. Some of these are beautiful, but as art alone; stipulations for use are far too strict for them to be anything else. :-(

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