Dirk Metzmacher December 6th, 2016

20 Inspiring Examples of Tape Art That You Must See

Tape, printed or gaffer tape, double-sided or packing tape – I don`t care as long as it produces such great art. And Tape is a great medium to create linear shapes. So, here are 20 fantastic examples of Tape Art.


Urban Tape Art from 2015. We all know this furry guy... tape1 © DINOMAAT


Jay Walker is a Philadelphia-based multi-disciplinary artist creating tape installations, mixed media painting, and carved sculptures. tape2 © Jay Walker


Geometric shapes on walls and fences. This artist draws, line by line, fascinating labyrinths. tape3 © Gustavo Fuentes


Ostap Art is a Artists Collective from Berlin. Take a look at the façade and interior design. tape4 © Ostap

funky octopus

A huge piece of work in the art village of the Berlin Festival. A colorful tape art creature. tape5 © LaMia & ROB & hi#claas

Hang Loose

A surfer hand signal is riding a breaking wave. Tape over is an international tape art crew based in Berlin. tape6 © Tape over

Unlimited Space

Esther Stocker is an Italian painter and installation artist. Her works are stunning geometric environments. tape7 © Esther Stocker

Your escape from patterns your parents designed

The site-specific architectural installations are assembled from thousands of strands of flagging tape. tape8 © Megan Geckler

Monika Grzymala

Grzymala is a Polish-born artist who’s lived in Germany. Her installations are a kind of three-dimensional drawing, and her signature material is tape. tape9 © Monika Grzymala


The Berlin artist Martin Müller creates his works of art from transparent tape. tape10 © Martin Müller

Stroke Art Fair

Known for his geometric style, characterized by the total absence of curves and roundness, he realizes his artworks exclusively with adhesive tape. tape11 © No Curves

Zobop Colour

Vinyl Tape applied to the floor. A beautiful, striking floor pattern by Jim Lambie. tape12 © Jim Lambie

Hummingbird Effect

Berlin-based Tape Crew combine Tape Art with projection mapping. tape13 © Tape Over Crew


Berta Sola is a Spanish tape artist based in Berlin and Valencia. Her minimal Tape art style is influenced by her background in architecture. tape14 © Berta Sola

My dead ear

Another example of Ostap. Street art out of duct tape. tape15 © ostap

Fuchsbau Festival

The matching contrast to the organic impala antelopes forms the water, made of a geometric pattern. tape16 © Tapeart


Aakash Nihalani creates geometric art from lines. Look at his great gallery. tape17 © Aakash Nihalani


The Australian artist Buff Diss has created a unique brand of art, eschewing the use of paint to work solely through the medium of tape. tape18 © Buff Diss

Adobe Remix

The Adobe Remix Project with a great example of a tape art installation. tape19 © Klebebande


For his work, Jörg Mandernach uses both his own materials as well as pictures that come from an international context. tape20 © Jörg Mandernach

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