Tara Hornor December 23rd, 2013

Mouth-watering: 50 Stunning Commercial-free Photos for Food Industry Designs

Professional photos of food and food-related scenes can be hard to come by when you have to stick to a thrifty budget. Yet, sometimes you have a startup business client who needs to keep costs low for his food website, which means that cheap - or even free - photos are necessary. Or maybe you need stock photos to make your theme demo look too incredible to pass up. Food photos are also an excellent idea for unique textures for your design project. Amazingly, Flickr has some stunning commercial-free photos perfect for food industry designs. The following list includes photos that are Attribution CC only, meaning that you only need to attribute the photo to the photographer with a link and, if possible, the photographer name as well. Many of the photos below include food only, but a few are scenes that involve eating or shopping. Some of them make for excellent textures while others are great stock photos. Take a look and let us know which of the following 50 commercial-free food photos are your favorite. If you decide to use any, be polite and let the photographer know how you used their photo. If you still can't find what you need in the list below, you may want to browse through these delicious food typography designs. Did you know that our editor-in-chief runs a site dedicated to free food photography? All the images shared there are free for private and commercial use. They may not always live up to professional expectations, still there are some gems there. Check for yourself over at Lebensmittelfotos.com. The site is run in German, but downloading functions internationally ;-)

Polish-Food-BreadLoafs by Tom Karas (PolishFoodInfo.com)

PolishFoodInfo Berries Food Market by Tom Karas (PolishFoodInfo.com)

Food Mob! mac and cheese by Martin

Food Mob! shish kebab by Martin

Food Court at Siam Paragon by Fabio Achilli (travelourplanet.com)

Chinese Food by Steven Depolo

New Foods by Liz West

Beautiful Beets by Liz West

Perfect Peppers by Liz West

Sugar Cookies by Steven Depolo

My Favorite Food by Leigh Wolf

Fimo Model Food by Martin Pettitt

Soft 'Baby' Food by Sherman Geronimo-Tan

Food Textures 4 by Ben Hosking

Food Textures 2 by Ben Hosking

Fast Food by SteFou!

Fish Stew by Katherine Lim

Tomato and Avocado Pasta by Jennifer (SweetOnVeg)

I Love Blueberries! by Jennifer (SweetOnVeg)

Raspberry Crush by Jennifer (SweetOnVeg)

Roman Food by Ann Wuyts (VintageDept)

Waterleaf Food and Wine Festival by COD Newsroom

Whole Foods Market by David Shankbone

Chinese Food Culture by See-Ming Lee

Food cooked by me :) by pallavi-damera

Food by luigig

Food Japan by Gonmi

Food Paella by Gonmi

Food Glorious Food by Glass&Tubes

Food Truck by Sonny Abesamis

Food Wall by Arndw

Food for Thought by James

Food HOREGA by Helgabj

Vietnamese Food by Rex Roof

Seolnal Food by Adam Nicholson

Lucky Charms by Steve Winton

Macrobiotic Food by THOR (geishaboy)

Macrobiotic Food - nuts by THOR (geishaboy)

Funghi-n-Food by Theo (Lenny Montana)

Macrobiotic Food - jello by THOR (geishaboy)

Spicy Food by Raissa Ruschel

Korean Food by Geoff Peters

Coffee and Sandwich by Geoff Peters

Food Market by Eric Wittman

My Favourite Food by Leo Hidalgo

Food in Portobello Road by Michela Simoncini

Roc's Vegan Cupcakes by Steven Depolo

Totoyume's Food "Pizza" by t-mizo

Fast Food place by Jon Bunting

Midnight Kitchen Food Shots by Roland Tanglao


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  1. Just recently had a client who wanted a website for their new take-away and after explaining to them the risks of just using images from Google they had to spend two days cooking the food they sell and then taking pictures of each one.

    They weren’t overjoyed about the situation, but like you mention the costs of buying ones can end up costing quite bit if they need a lot as this client did (over 35 different dishes) but sources for royalty free ones or ones you can use commercially are often extremely hard to come by.

    Lots of these look great! : – )

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