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60 Dazzling Panorama And Vertorama Photos

Our post here today is on panorama and interactive panorama photos. A panorama is any wide view of a physical space. Some digital cameras have features that help you to take multiples photos in sequence that can later be manipulated into a large panoramic image.

A true panoramic photo is a continuous scene of at least 110 degrees. Many panoramic photos are about the width of the field of human vision, while some go as wide as 360 degrees. Panorama photos can be classified as vertorama (vertical panorama), polar, planar or flat, cylindrical, equi-rectangular, and so on.

This post contains a huge collection of all different kinds of panorama and interactive panorama photos. We are sure you’ll like them.

Panorama And Vertorama Photos

HDR-Vertorama: ~.High Hopes.~
Palm Beach, Florida.

The Kometik
“This monster is an oil tanker docked in Halifax. It appears to be elevated at the bow while they are working on it (probably wouldn’t fit in our dry-dock!). Look at how small the guy who is working on it looks in comparison! I was trying to get a full profile shot of it, but it is too big for my wide-angle lens. I took a couple of shots and will try to stitch them into a panorama later.”

BBC Television Centre: 360 panorama
“This is a new version of a 360 I couldn’t quite make work before, taken with AutoStitch but put together using AutoPano Pro. I translated the equi-rectangular projection into a stereographic projection using the Flexify plug-in for Photoshop. The original 360 panorama used around 100 shots. It has also been tone-mapped using Photomatix to bring up some of the shadows.

In the corner
Lysefjorden and the Pulpit Rock. One photo, composed of four handheld HDRs of five exposures each, then merged in Photoshop.

“Four images stitched together with handheld pano vertically. Later added manual bracket exposure by +/- 1 stop each, for a total of five images. Merged and tone-mapped with Photomatix and touched up further in CS4, particularly for shadows and highlights, color balance, curve and USM.”

Pasco Tower
Hay stacked up in Pasco, Washington. This is a vertorama, a total of six images (three exposures at the top and three at the bottom), blended with Photomatix for HDR then stitched together in Photoshop.

My Dam Story: HDR (vertorama and panorama)

Peggy’s Light

Wat Chiangman
Wat Chiangman, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Royal Mile, Edinburgh: Vertorama, no HDR

Prédio da Antiga Cervejaria Brahma

Sailing Under Skeletal Skies
“This cloud formation looked so much like spinal column and ribs… or is it just me? Either way, it made for a nice opportunity for another vertical panorama HDR image.” Howard Amon Park, Richland, Washington.

Locker room
HDR panorama, 2 Reihen, 3×3 Belichtungen.

180 degree vertical panorama

MonumenTaal: Vertorama, no HDR

Vøringsfossen panorama

King Harbor Vertorama 1221.
“Vertorama of the restaurant at the top of King Harbor in Redondo Beach at sunset. This was made from two nine-exposure HDRs, edited and tone-mapped in Photoshop Lightroom and Photomatix, then merged with final editing in Photoshop.” Brookville.

Where the old pier was
“An HDR panorama from the lagoon.”

Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, Valencia
Nikon D80 18mm HDR stack of 12 exposures.

Vertical Panorama

Rowley Way
“Approximately 40 images merged in AutoStitch (I must get a wide-angle lens to reduce the number needed). Rowley Way, off Abbey Road, NW London. I’d like to try this again when the sky is a bit more interesting.”

Rouen cathedral panorama, France
“Panorama of the inside of Rouen Cathedral. I took 13 pictures with a Pentax K10d, stitched with Hugin, plus several hours of work in Photoshop (mainly to correct stitching errors, because this is a handheld panorama). Best viewed large.

Staples Center panorama
Home of the L.A. Lakers and four other Los Angeles sports teams. This was on the evening of a Depeche Mode concert. This panorama is two rows of eight images, the first I ever stitched. The post-production is still a bit sloppy.

Between Walls…

Norse Explorer
This is a statue of the explorer Leif Ericson in front of Hallgrímskirkja, in Reykjavík, Iceland. It was a gift from the United States in 1930. This is a vertical panorama image, taken with a total of six images, three differently exposed images at the top and three at the bottom; merged together as HDR in Photomatix, then stitched together by hand in Photoshop.

Precast Soldiers
Joostenberg Vlakte, South Africa.

Half Pipe, Cambará Tur: HDR vertorama

Twins, Vertorama Edition

Green Hallgrímskirkja

Molo Sanità: HDR virtual tour panorama

Move Aside Vertoramas…
“It’s panorama time. This is the view from the lower look-out point at the Makapuu lighthouse (Hawaii). This pano is made from four vertical shots of six exposures each. I’m not sure which I like better, verto or pano, but I’ll give you guys both so you can decide. Each frame is an HDR, tone-mapped from six exposures and blended with two of them. Then auto-stitched in CS3. I used curves, contrast, the highlight/dodge tool, unsharp and noise ninja. Oh, and I adjusted the lens distortion in CS3 to fix the curved horizon.”

Te Mata Strange Attractor
Panoramas within panoramas… starting with a 360×180 image of Te Mata Peak and orbiting out.

Untitled, in high-resolution HDR
Library of Congress in Washington, DC. This is a panoramic HDR built from ten single photos.

Old Aberdeen High Street: Portrait Photostitch
Canon 5D with 17-40 f4L portrait view. At f16, correct shutter speed is 15s – 17mm. Four images each with 3x, 2 stop +/- and one correct exposure. HDR’d and tone-mapped in Photomatix Pro and joined manually in Photoshop.

Berlin Olympic Stadium: Panorama HDR

Polar Panorama Photos

This section contains interesting polar panorama photos. Polar panoramas are also referred to as little planet, planet panoramas, 360 degree panorama, wee planets, tiny planets, polar panorama effect, and so on, but they all mean the same thing: photos edited with Photoshop’s Distort filter and Polar Coordinates (or in any other image editor).

Planet Brooklyn, Grand Army Plaza
Sam Rohn, Location Scout: Panoramic Photography, New York City

Planet Central Park, New York
“Picture taken in Central Park, NYC, from the bridge (don’t remember its name). I used a handheld Canon 400D and Sigma 8mm F3.5 fish-eye.”

water planet
Thirty exposed panoramas made from six HDR photos of five exposures each.

Horse Planet: Polar Panorama

Tubby Man

Planet Nagoya! TTI terminal… (HDR)

Planet IMAX

Square (or, rather, circle) in Copenhagen

Saint-Guénolé Church of Batz-sur-Mer: Small Planet

Interactive Panoramas

As the heading suggests, this section contains appealing interactive panoramas. Have a look at these photos, and you will be amazed. We have collected fully interactive 360 degree versions here. Just click on any of the images below.

Audubon Terrace, NYC

Tirtagangga (Holy Water of the Ganges, in Balinese) water garden was built in 1948 by the King of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem. This water garden was constructed in the unique Balinese and Chinese architectural styles.

Apple Store, Manhattan

Hall of Science, New York City
The Great Hall at the New York City Hall of Science, designed by architect Wallace K. Harrison. Originally built as part of the 1964 World’s Fair, it now houses a science museum.

Horseshoe Bend

Antelope Canyon

Hayden Planetarium, New York City
Originally built in 1935, the Hayden Planetarium was rebuilt in 2000 as part of the Rose Center for Earth and Space, itself a part of the American Museum of Natural History.

Colorado River Rafting: Elves Chasm, Grand Canyon

Chelsea Hotel, New York City

Zingst, Ostsee

Ice Skating in the Eiffel Tower: Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas

Creating an Old Collage Effect Poster
Amazing view above the clouds. Looking straight down to the world below.

Mountain Hiking



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    But no interactive panoramas?

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