Aquil Akhter October 26th, 2009

60 Marvellous Wall Paintings And 3-D Street Art

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Aquil Akhter

Aquil Akhter is a web graphic designer and has been working in...

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Art grabs your attention whether it is displayed on paper or another material. As long as it conveys its message the right way, it will inspire people, irrespective of the canvas.

Wall painting is one of these media of inspiring art that has attracted people since day one. Wall paintings are popular all over the world, and its popularity is increasing day by day as evidenced by its prevalence on houses, offices, exhibitions, restaurants and other buildings. Here, we present beautiful examples of wall paintings, wall illustrations and 3-D street paintings.

Wall Paintings

NBC: The Singles Table

Covert Board Shop: Upland, CA

Art nouveau wall painting

Roy Ayers, Fela Kuti & Tony Allen

Revisited Coltrane Painting for Flying Lotus

City Vintage wall painting

Wall Paint

Wall painting of an old war

Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture

Wall painting

Door Keepers

Dakianyama, JP: Stussy & Frank 151

Gravillis Mural

San Francisco/ Fifty24SF Show

Hands On

30 Boyle Heights Softblockade

Dublab Studio Mural

Manuel Arts High School Mural

AMEISH Video: Save Ourselves

Contribution#13 / Commission

The Lee Brothers: Private mural

Ewsoe y Kofie Mural, Los Feliz

Wall Painting Blue Graffiti

Wall Painting Seventh Letter Crew


Wall Painting

Wall Painting Graffiti Design

A Mural Inside Alexandra Palace

Painted wall in Lyon

Wall painting

Wall painting

TodaysArt 2007 – Hotel Oscar Tango Echo Lima

Aliados festival

Indoor or Outdoor?

Wall paintings in Pembroke – Ontario

Kreuzberg painted wall

3-D Street Art

3-D street art is another popular form of art these days. Marvelous and eye-catching, 3-D street art can create the perfect illusion if you catch it at the right angle. Here, we present some 3-D street art from around the world that will take your breath away.

Dangerous Boating

Phaeton in Salamanca

Battle of the Centaurs

Imaginit display in Las Vegas

Indian Fantasy


Jaguar Temple

Escape of the Mummy

Hell in London

Iskadar in Singapore

Fishing in Old Shanghai

Nike-Lebron James-Shanghai

Sky HDTV at Waterloo station-London

Eurostar in Belgium

3D street art

A Cave in London

Beowulf at Comicon

The Crevasse

brother and sister

Island East


Aquil Akhter

Aquil Akhter is a web graphic designer and has been working in this field for 8 years. He also runs the blog, which focuses on free web resources and inspiration for designers and developers.


  1. What a blast! Besides having a great grasp of perspective, what a great…grasp of perspective…such artists have to pour so much heart into something so ephemeral.


  2. I never get tired of seeing these bits o’ art.

    Particularly the 3D gear. Being someone who can’t draw without a mouse in my hand, I find the ‘subterranean’ aspect of the ground art simply fascinating.

    Like it so much – I’m going to scroll up now and stare at it some more.

    Thanks for the post!

  3. My vote for “Imaginit display in Las Vegas” and “Eurostar in Belgium”, What an amazing 3D effect, I love this kind of art, it looks and feels real…

  4. Brilliant paintings, really i dont believe that “Dangerous Boating” is an art, its looking very real scene, thank you for sharing.

  5. Wow, these are absolutely amazing. I almost don’t beleive some of them. It would be nice to see someone actually standing in the middle of them. Truly amazing displays of art.

  6. Breath taking art! Almost unbelievable. This sort of reminds me of the concept of programmable matter where solid objects can be programmed to morph into different objects. I am not sure if the technology exits yet, but this video would seem to imply that it either exists or is at least in the making… You be the judge.

    1. i am Deepak from India i want to become a Street wall painter i made lots of small painting on wall near to my home but in India people like that but not support that
      I want small tips to fine my art

      Deepak Kanojia

  7. I could spend hours looking at this post and following the links to the art you featured. Wall art continues to be one of my most favorite mediums for painting, and the street art is just mind-bending! Thanks Aquil for a great gallery, inspirational indeed.

  8. Sorry for previous comment!

    I’m shocked! Artworks looks really great and 3d illusion in some murals is incredible realistic! Save some pictures for my collection. Thanks!

  9. works that is top be appreciated and given much more recognition…world over…

    hats off to the artists….salutaions..

  10. Can someone please tell me if this 3D effect can be seen without a camera . If anyone stands from a distance will he be able to see this 3D effect very clearly ..???

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