Angie Bowen November 23rd, 2011

A Showcase of Still Life Digital Paintings

As our technology evolves, so do the industries and professionals driven by it. Painters, once only using brushes and canvas have seen so many amazing new strides in digital painting software over the years, have taken to these new applications like a fish to water. And so many brilliant and inspiring digital paintings have poured from the galleries since. Which is what brings us to this post today.

As most of us in the design field are always looking for inspiring work to share, these digital painters pieces jumped out from the webs, demanding to be featured. So many fantastic paintings reminiscent of the great still life’s of yesteryear, all created with digital effects and brushes. These painter’s precision hold a wealth of inspiration just waiting to be tapped.

Digital Paintings

still life by janaschi

Pomegranate Still Life

Desk Job by algenpfleger

Ceramic and Glass by yumedust

boing boing by algenpfleger

Rose Coffee by depingo

Apple by katzai

Mindcage by I-NetGraFX

Still life by tincek-marincek

Red Queen by Ketka

Night at the Saloon by DawnFrost

Still Life by grey-seagull

Pruity by ebrulii

Horn Cup Spoon Still Life by ATArts

Dragonblood by ELConsigliere

Digital Drawing Still Life 02 by spiritwolf77

Stale Bread by nivalis70

Teapot from photo ref by silvercherry

Still Life by al-nay

1949 by robertmekis

Study Still Life 5 by Tsabo6

Happy New Lunar Year fxEVo

ox ccg silver whistle by skim-milk

White Still Life by cacodaemonia

Merry Urn and Friends by mckadesinsanity

Feather Fruit Skull by KatePfeilschiefter

Study Still Life 1 by tsabo6

Tea Party by sonicaust

Colour Study 2 by TheBlackVerse

Still Life – Fruits by Isra2007

Winter’s End by artcova

Pen and Ink by LancerMoo

Fruit Bowl by saintchase

Heartburn by phantastes

Grapes by CoryTheAnimator

L5R Toturi’s Tactics by higherdepths

after old masters 2 by griffinfly

boy with a coin by Fleana93

The Cowboy by komodoempire


Angie Bowen

Angie Bowen is a freelance artist, designer and writer as well as a founding member and editor of the Arbenting Design Blog.


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