Noupe Editorial Team April 24th, 2012

An Eye for Detail: Exceptional Makeup Artists

As we search for inspiration, looking beyond our own fields and into other artistic arenas is quite commonplace, no matter how far from common the expressive works we find in these places may be. Which is the case today. Today we take a look at some work of an exceptional group of makeup artists who have really taken their artform to exciting and inspirational new heights.

Each of the makeup artists we are featuring in this collection have focused on eye makeup in particular, painting such impressive, detailed designs on such small dermal canvases. Even with such a fine focus, still each of their works rings with unique and clever styles that give the collection an interesting range and broad appeal.

An Eye for Detail

Katie Alves

KatieAlves has a playful style, that is as impressive as it is whimsical. She creates and recreates landscapes and other scenes, along with drawing other objects that give her eyelids character.

Carnival Sunset Eyes

Hot Air Balloon Eyes

Harry Potter Eyes

Lion King Eyes

Nightmare Before Christmas Eyes

Alice in Wonderland Eyes

Fairy Eyes

Halloween Eyes 3

Bee Creative

Super Mario Eyes

Pirates of the Caribbean Eyes

The Wizard of Oz Eyes

City Eyes


Misty-Angel‘s work goes in a different artistic direction that is both breathtaking and graceful. With a layered background of color placed, she then draws amazing accompanying imagery on top of or alongside the stunning base she has laid.

Valentine’s Day



Silver and Flower



Ice Dragon

Flower Elf

Green Butterfly

Peafowl’s Eye


mrralphie (a.k.a. Rachel Clarke) takes the collection back to a slightly more traditional area, with just enough flair and attitude to give rise to some truly exceptional and expressive pieces. Homages and originality abound throughout her impressive portfolio.



lovely smoke.

Nice shooting sweetheart!

golden illusion.

a day at the beach.


cool, calm and dangerous.

golden temptress.

royal blue


And last in our showcase, but certainly not least, is hedwyg23, or just Hedwyg for short, whose fascinating, layered works take a powerful turn from the traditional, and are infused with a potent creative edge that has no need to beg for attention or adoration. It garners both without effort.

The Hunger Games: Girl On Fire

Smokey Red

Request 5. Twilight Sparkle

Request 6.

Request 3. Winter Contrast

Galaxy Eyes


House Stark make up

Dragon fruit

Wild Tiger

Commission: Darkling


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