Angie Bowen May 17th, 2012

Analog Art: A Showcase of Fabulous Pencil Drawings

For most of us, one of the first tools we use for drawing pictures (beyond the crayons and finger paint of our early days) is a pencil. Be it a lead based or colored pencil, these analog artist tools are still a big staple among artists and designers alike. As designers many of us keep our handy notebooks and pencils within reach for the beginnings of any new designs or projects that come our way. Today’s inspirational collection may just have you reaching for that notebook and pencils before its done.

In this post you will find numerous stunning examples of pencil drawings that will have your jaws on the floor. Shocked that many of these imaginative pieces were created with colored or lead based pencils alone. Such amazing artistry on display, that we are sure it will delight and inspire all of our readers.

Analog Art

Lady of Spiders by TeSzu

Stone Face by fabaorts

Small Blessings by Cataclysm-X

Please hold my hand tightly by hellobaby

Vengeance of a Bride by lehanan

Decay by MelloLover

Mysterious one behind the shadows by PearlEden

Pearls by witchi1976

The Remnant by shimoda7

Windswept by imaginee

Dark Hope by Zindy

Fangs III, pencil by Panthera11

Jean Harlow Minimal by Ileana-S

Katiebloo by TeSzu

Buho Cornudo by faboarts

Metamorphosis by Cataclysm-X

Hold your hand by hellobaby

Voulez-vous…? by lehanan

Complementary by Loonaki

Feathered eye by witchi1976

Waiting by shimoda7

The Face Of David by imaginee

It went away by Zindy

Cat 3 by tajus

In Solitude… by Ileana-S

Unspoken Words by Snow-Owl


Wroclaw Ostrow Tumski by TeSzu

Basset hound by faboarts

You May Kiss The Bride by imaginee

Elegancy by Cataclysm-X

My dear. let me show you by hellobaby

Childhood in Minor by lehanan

Mirror of Earth by PearlEden

Braid by witchi1976

Can’t turn back time by shimoda7

Portrait of Dakota by imaginee

Unleash the butterflies by Zindy

Self Portrait with Tools of Trade by Ileana-S

Playful curls – Pencil drawing by Regius

That’s All, Folks

That finishes up the collected works, but it doesn’t have to end there. Now we turn the comment section over to you so you can fill us in on your favorites from the showcase. Do you know of some other pencil drawings that would have made a nice addition to the list? Provide us a link so other readers can check them out.


Angie Bowen

Angie Bowen is a freelance artist, designer and writer as well as a founding member and editor of the Arbenting Design Blog.


  1. Love the ‘Holdmyhandtightyly’one. Also the green nail polish one, I like the green theme going on there :)

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