Angie Bowen April 30th, 2012

Art in Fractions: Showcase of Sculpted Miniatures

There are often times when we look at the world around us seeking inspiration, and that inspiration takes us into grand explorations of larger than life worlds and themes. And then there are some who take their inspiration and go in a different direction. They work on a much smaller scale. One-twelfth to be somewhat precise.

In this collection of inspiring sculpted miniatures, most of the artists ascribe to a 1/12 ratio of scale for their works to their real-world counterparts. From the deliciously decadent, to the overall intricate and sharp, these colorful sculptures are brilliant sculpted models that are sure to offer a creative kick start. We hope you enjoy their delicate artistry.

Art in Fractions

Nano Pikachu Bottle V.1 by Blackmago

Strawberry Puff Pastry by ChocolateDecadence

1 4 alice set by Snowfern

Itty Bitty Totoro by egyptianruin

Fimo Siren in a bottle_02 by LolleBijoux

Christmas vintage cabinet by MiniatureChef

dim sum by lololollipop

1:12 Scale Hunger Games Feast by fairchildart

Black and White Rainbow Minis by DragonsAndBeasties

Hello Kitty Rice Balls by WaterGleam

The heart of the world by vesssper

Mini Axoltls by Rayaya

Polymer Clay Red Velvet Cake by LittlePurpleCloud

Mini Companion Cube by Bon-AppetEats

Bonsai sculpture by sheharzad

Breakfast: Theirs – Miniature by thinkpastel

Koi Pond FINISHED by BabyHime

How to Train your Dragon by sararoseey

Plants Vs Zombies Sculptures by egyptsand

Rawr Ramen by Zhoira

starbucks charms collection by cutieexplosion

Barn Owl sculpture by AnyaStone

fruit stand 2 by BabyHime

Tea Time by thinkpastel

11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver by egyptianruin


Alice in the Wonderland by birdielover

bento by tehKOTAK

Mini Tarrant Hat by ChocolateFrizz89

Polar bear by CuteTanpopo

valentine chocolate 4 by PetiteCreation

Kawaii Rainbow Chibi Clay Charm by FatCatCharms

1-12 tower cakes by Snowfern

Baby Unicorns by DragonsAndBeasties

Miniature Hydrangea Arrangement by Bon-AppetEats

Autumn Harvest by vesssper

1:12 Scale Rainbow Cake by fairchildart

Delicates by MiniatureChef

Petit Cakes by ChocolateDecadence

Mini Clay Cannoli by WaterGleam


Angie Bowen

Angie Bowen is a freelance artist, designer and writer as well as a founding member and editor of the Arbenting Design Blog.


  1. This is excellent inspiration. Serah, I think a lot of them are made from polymer clay. You Can bake it in a regular oven and it becomes hard. It is sold in a variety of colours from many companies. Femo is one brand. I remember a lady that did food products I saw yeas ago and she used White craft glue and the white soft part of bread. Mixed, sculpt and then paint with model acrylic paints.

    Great samples.

  2. I love these sooooooo much!! I do polymer clay charms too and its super fun. And these are WAY better than mine. Those r so professional and neat (not neat as in cool, neat as in clean and,…..uhg its hard to explain lol) mine r jus like rookie charms. But whoever r the creators of the creations, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY IF YOU SELL THESE, PPL WOULD DEFINITELY BUY THEM!!!! Gr8 job :)
    Oh and Bill, some other brands are sculpey, craftsmart, and i think there is 1 more. You can get them at Michaels or AC More.

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