Angie Bowen August 31st, 2012

Art Inspiration for the Weekend Showcase

It has been a while since we compiled a mixed bag of art inspiration for our readers, that spans multiple areas and explores numerous themes. So we thought it was about time to re-deliver on that plan and set all of our readers up for the weekend ahead. Which brings us to the fantastic array of artistic pieces that we have assembled for you below.

Together in this one showcase we have paintings, photographs, sculptures and more. All aimed at getting you on that inspired track and running full steam through any creative projects that come your way over the weekend. With no particular focus we hope that the wide reach will allow for any and all to find a little inspiration in this showcase.

It Begins

Birds are singing by auroraink

Fly me to the moon by Chuchy5

Time machine by AleksCG

cover 07 by phoenixlu

Yin and Yang by Kara-a

Forsaken Stairs by stengchen

Tsuruchi Kosoko by MarioWibisono

Grassflow by IvanAndreevich

Dream Believer by ForestGirl

Cheshire Cat

Open my Heart to You by DestinyBlue

Nature of Zen Key Necklace by KeypersCove

Pixel Vignette: Who are you? by hitogata

Saving Fish from Drowning by BriannaAngelakis

L’oro in bocca – via by Sh000rty

Two by Dark-Sheyn

Praha by takmaj

Strawberries. by andokadesbois

Steampunk Law Enforcer by Guang Shi

Louvre – Watercolor Study by auroraink

I love this boy .2 by Y-n-Y

Firebird feather by LiliaOsipova

Rainbow River by AnnMarieBone

TEA PARTY by alexiuss

Munich, Candidplatz Curve by alierturk

Quiet My Soul III by IsacGoulart


Valley of Aelhar by hontor

Gravestones of civilization by alexiuss

ano koro by nuriko-kun

It Ends

That caps off this end of the collection, but feel free to share your thoughts and favorites with us in the comment section below. Do you have any pieces that always speak to you when you are searching for inspiration? Drop us a link to further the discussion.


Angie Bowen

Angie Bowen is a freelance artist, designer and writer as well as a founding member and editor of the Arbenting Design Blog.


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